Thursday, November 18, 2004


Attention! Attencione!

Achtung! Alert @ length!

Awaken all Angels...


Shut off the Radio & TV

unless there is a real Amber

Alert. This is NOT a test of

the InterGlow; it is a Mumsy Alert.

Where in the Devil's

half=acre is my especial

companion?? My teacher,

my friend, my bosom third

Mother?! Advise, Advise^^


Call to Action~use all the

resources @ your command

to find the answers. WE,

all of us Love her so.

Receive & Send, bounce and

concatenate, IMP & E=Mail...

Advise the Slack of all found

things! Reply & Replenish @

all hours. Pray constantly as

well~of good and perfect things.

Awaken all the Angels!

Courage, Mercy & Perseverance.

More=over, goto Dancer @ the

top of my Glow=list And bounce

her many sites leaving brief

comments like breadcrumbs...

good, bad, impertinent. The

following explanations will be


* Long Vacation

* Change of Provider

* The computre Exploded

* Life=changing Experience

* The cats ate my Internet

So go already & find the good

news of merelyp/cyberdancer/

mumsy! And respondere tout

suite at my e=mail. Yes, you.

November 20, 2004^



floralilia said...

no reply emails...

she's gonna make me use the secret shoe telephono, isn't she...

sunflowerkat321 said...

I had just been thinking that I hadn't seen an entry....or her name pop on the buddy list in quite a while.  I was wondering if we needed to be worried.  I have a mailing address if we have to try and get her "the old fashioned way".

slacbacmac said...

Carry on~Advise of the Advise.
[this page will not be dated up
until a Stand Down order.]

thelovetrain said...

Sorry partner, I don't even know where her journal is. Moreover, I don't get many Mumsys riding 'The Train', if, you know what I mean (not that they couldn't).

Best wishes in your search.

~Sonny 'B'

cneinhorn said...

I've left a few comments at her blogs inquiring about our Dearest Mummsy myself....does babymae know?  anyone try her?  I don't really know Babymae except from reading Mummsy's blogs, but I will email Mummsy myself now right after I write  this to you Slac....Hope to see our dear Mummsy back soon.... I miss her :-(

slacbacmac said...

I'm leaving the bread=crumbs EVERYWHERE.
All my girls should Advise me by all means,
even if they are on an Especial Road=Trip.
Appreciata, joiners^^  Advise of the Hunt,

floralilia said...

looks like babymae is on sabbatical too...

emfeasel said...

I hope WE find her soon!


cneinhorn said...

babymae gone too?  I hope everything is okay....just stopped back to see if there was any progress....

slacbacmac said...

{WE are currently on stand=by alert}
id est, @ least there is no bad news...
~stay tuned~

viviansullinwank said...

It's like a special light has been turned off without Mumsy here brightening things up in J-Land.  I've been wondering about her and missing her. I'm glad you put out the alert. I hope we hear from here soon.  I'm going back to Mumsy land and leave some new comments!


bhpcr said...

Yes indeed. I've tried for quite a while too...nothing. Worry worry worry..People don't fall of the edge of the earth these that we know it's round. She must be here somewhee. I hope just hiding and will Pop up and say Haha Couldn't find me! Please Mumsy! ~Barbara

slacbacmac said...

smooches Barbara~the hunt is still on^^^^
My worries are only slightly abated from what
i've heard...WE have now, the Cautious Optimism
until the great lady re=appears from her
Incommunicado/Incognito Vacation

musenla said...

Argh, I've been out of the loop in J land for so long I didn't even realize she was MIA.  Is she back yet?  I hope so!  I'll be checking on her after this.


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