Sunday, November 7, 2004


There is some sad news...

Granpa Lou lost his mother on

Halloween, while he and Maisie

were having a grand time.

Bertha was a grand old girl of

Ninety-Three...And she met both

of her great grandchildren. She

spent her declining years in a

nursing home But even with a

dimming memory, Bert practically

ran the place. G bless her on her

beauteous journey. Heaven.


My sister-in-law, Cat, had the

ignominious obligation on Thursday

of putting down the Bassett Hound.

If i had to love a devoted canine,

Boo=Boo was my girlfriend. At

five & a half years with troubled

bones, she was a dog among dogs.

NOW, Bertha has a companion in

the self=same Heaven where Love,

Devotion and Virtue are rewarded.

[would that i did not have to wait

sixty years 2 go there.] Woof!


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who will console me?

Who will deliver me from this brief

darkness AND patch my wounds?

Who shall set a bright sun in the

high place above Falluja & Baghdad?

How many Names must we invoke

during this time of trial? Answer me,

oh indifferent Sky!

* * *

Wait! It is my name which calls for

Peace & consoles the afflicted.

All the burning prayers rise through me.

Imagine the beginning there^

Greater Wisdom may accrue...

To Perfect sympathy i submit.

And, Heaven will come



thelovetrain said...

My utmost sympathetic indemnity, concerning the double departure. How soon it is that, we'll be alongside.

Mister Hyde... Unlike the Doc', to revert to his harmonic-scientist-self, he simply inhaled the smoke that billowed from his laboratory flask. Fortunately for everyone, he lived in Oakland, CA.

You've seen the chep=filosofical imitaxtions running amuck that, you often inspire. Oh too rarely that, they chime in with anything as Heavenly as the original but, likewise, oh too rarely they're accurate...

"Embrace the hard times... They need it, BAD." Wait, that's not that way it goes!

"... For without them, there'd be no good times at all." Yeah, that rings more familiar.

Here's to the hope that, you'll rub-more-off on me through extra-long-term exposure provided, you don't give-up on me first.

~Carbon-free 'B'

karynwiththewhy said...

Slac, my condolences. It must feel like a rough couple of days with a whole bunch of WHY to them, but trust that the Man Upstairs has not only a plan but a comfortable eternal vacation spot. Dogs and fully-lived women alike.

I saw you online the other day & almost initiated a chat, wish I would have, but I was afraid to disturb journal browsing or glowing. Besides, Girls aren't supposed to call Boys.

~ Karyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn

slacbacmac said...


cneinhorn said...

my condolances Slac.

stacy1tbkl said...

How sad for you.  (HUGS)

I, too, lost my grandmother on Halloween 2 years ago.  It was heartbreaking to be out trick-or-treating with my young ones and coming home to the bad news.  

LIFE  must be accompanied by death in order to appreciate life, however.

I know I appreciate it more when I think of those things she taught me.

God Bless

deabvt said...

My prayers for G`Pa Lou.


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