Friday, March 30, 2007


Friday, March 30th, And7...

TITLE: walkabout & thensome

TEMP: 68° with faer sun=shine, mild

MOOD: jauntily pedestrian

MUSIK: sang the lyrix to A DAY IN THE LIFE

@ the thrift shop... othre Thumpings...

NOISE: common=area vacuumage


SOOP: schtarting a chicken one

HAER: short & schtill a moustache

THOT: »perhaps i should remove my shoes

when i walk into the building...and carry them

onto my parapet. 'twould be clean»

TEXT: there are young girls playing soft=ball on

the athletik fields. And, tennis players on the

far courts. Yet~the round=ball hoops have

been mysteriously removed. Something in

Ecclesiastes probly esplains it...

That^ was the local schports Report.

i met some interesting people on my walking

Adventure. There was the Lady crossing guard

who schtoppt to talk with me at the near=by

flavoured ice=making kiosk [that's RUSSIAN for

boof] AND this lovely schlip of a brunette who

was buying items on the third floor of the

THRIFT SHOP. She smiled at me more than once.

{the Turtle would be glad to hear that i was shopping

without purchasing} There was this portable tape

machine i was looking at--a reel-to-reel; but i have

my wonderful TEAC A-6300 which i haven't played

in the anteroom just yet. [that'll be a joyful Noise!]

all=in=all, i had the grand excursion & sojourn into

the wider werld. Observationally eclectic...

OH! the students are also practising European foot

ball on the fields. Americans call it soccer.

Amorro~werk will be ursine. *affableSlac*

^inverted Pyramid journalism^







acoward15 said...

Some of us Europeans just call it a crap game for girls. Rugby is the real sport.

slacbacmac said...

forgifness>  i did not mean to disparage the hard=schports of the
descendants of the Continent; i witnessed the CALCIO in Florence in
my youth.  American children like to kick balls for fun...


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