Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Thursday, March 30, 2006...  Is there schtill the round=ball going on?  I keep missing the games on account of dispossession. Anyway~GO Gators.  Don't forget 2 'schpring for=ward' for Saving day=light; that Hour isn't really lost if You only curtail the bad schleep^Reposited by the Author^3/25/07^

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007...Yesterday, i rode the bus with my Nephew.  BLADE was on his way to skool & i was on my way to werk. i'll remembre it for=ever.  The YARD was nay=so=busy, acause of the time=savings & people in general not knowing that i was open. That'll change!  The HOVEL has been sold. AVA is lucky to have its refurbishment. One of these weex i'll drop in and tell her the GHOST STORIES.{any=thing can happen} Today was the most b'ful day to bus & walk & bask in the sun; i might even go out on the parapet presently. But i won't forget that EDDIE RENDELL is entirely responsible for the Saint Valentine's Day Road Closures. It was only a freak fleegle fluke [<atsa fish] that me and the Turtle weren't caught up in it. WE woulda keeled each othre for sure, arguing about what compact discs to listen to. Never mind~i'll leave the NATIONAL POLITIX to bettre Glowers...my natural place is on the people=mover with a re=programmed iJob. Sun=shine!~tannableSlac~

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