Tuesday, April 3, 2007


«i am guilty of a great numbre of sins, but putting ketchup into an ice=box isn't one of them»  ~slac 2 Maizy, recently~

April 04, 2006...

Apparently, the gators did win that tournament. The Engineer took it as a sign WE should all move to [a] beach=cottage. But he is renowned 4 saying unusual things out=the=loud. Such a helper!  ^reposited material^edited

«We also must find a place for Boo to live, with or without Effects.» ~Maizy, positing the ninth (9th) item on the agenda of a 2006 meeting~

i can now cheer for the Floridian teams acause i have been there.  The Turtle has retourned from his most recent trip there; he coached me in the black beauty to the places i needed to go Today. Which is to say, He schtill helps me in very large ways to fulfill my mission, whatever it may be. Over=more, togethre and inadvertently, i believe We transform the werld. it's a small delusion^  Mean=while, he askt me on the Road the meaning of "maundy".  i did not give him a good reply for holy=week, But i believe it suggests the ENGLISH term, "bittersweet".  id est: the Son of Man travels this week to Glory in JERUSALEM...yet no=one knows that it is a suffering, horrible, ransoming Glory. It is a mysteryVeritas

Correction: my brother did the research on maundy and found it to be from the Latin mandatum, a mandate, to wit:  "Love one anothre as I have Loved You."  A difficult command in any language...


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