Saturday, March 24, 2007


Friday, March 23rd, and7...a cool & rainy dé... it's been three hundred and sixty-six (366) days since we turned over the green ghost to our friend, Jack Black. She is eminently missed.  Of the hovel i don't know much, except that there is a palm tree on the porch and a very red front door. [insert ROLLING SCHTONES reference here^]  If the fambly manse is getting NO USE, it is at least bettre than the USE we put her to. (Put to her?) Occupancy is for those who don't already have hobbies...  The TURTLE [my brudda, the Engineer] is travelling in Florida without me, accomplishing the strange things which he is apt to, without my firm Guidance to Assuage his impulsifity.  Never mind~he is only one (1) Year less growed up than me & can drife safely in Traffic when he pays attention to his natural purpose. He likes the sun & water; i can attest to that^  G'schpeed my grand lieutenant! Quest on for the larger Porpoise! Keep yer powdre dry. 

Of the else and all=togethre, my Dremes are fit to the churnings of my Good mind; they transport me along a faer path and put the sense in my soulful foot=falls. Mirabile Our werld is recoverable; ALBERT GORE believes as much...^politicalZinger^ :slac:

March 24th...CAT & BLADE were good enuf to take me on a recycle run; they were going to do it them=selves anyway. So why shouldn't they take me along AND up=catch on all the news?  Fambly! it's so good to have them close to hand.  WE also walkt thru the market and made contact with my regular people. Crowded Blessings^  [NB: the chin=haer came off today---smoooth]

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