Friday, March 2, 2007


Friday, March Second, And7...

Time: 15:44:51    Temp: 51°   

Title: the Pillow Laundry...

Text: it schtarted out grey and rainy, but perkt up considerably by NOON. A nice day to walk around the Town and visit the thrift schtore. [i didn't buy anything.] My haus=guest also did some walking. Surprisingly, we did not travel in the same circuit. It sometimes happens.  It took some doing, but my baba chili is all up.  Maybe the engineer will try a bowl in the coming days. And othre adventurous things. Lent!Except for time lost not cruising the InterWeb, and the occasional toekick of the aer=mattress, i am thoroughly enjoying having Company in my small corner of the werld. It schtrikes me that my brother and i are much like EARL & RANDY of that funny tee=vee show; we just can't decide which one is who!{the parallels & differentials are too Astounding to pondre much...} Where in the name of Hayden Panettierre was i going with this?! I forget... There are Feathres in my lint=trap! ~slac~

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