Friday, March 9, 2007


Monday, March Fi'th, Two Thousand and Seven...The chili is mucho gusto.  Say, is my page compromised? i don't amember re=styling it my own se'f.  Not that i shouldna done so...

Friday, March Ninth...more evidence that i am behind my own Time.^  The engineer and i have been battling the rhinovirus from hell. It's almost dead now. Rocky had anothre happy happy yesterday; it seems to happen almost every year, near Mumsy's.  Onward & Outward! More lata...


floralilia said...

oh sir slacalot -
i do hope that you are hale and hearty in no time.

sleep well my knight..


slacbacmac said...

Appreciatif smooches, flo>  WE have beaten back most of the nasties
and are ready for our next aventure!  Surely...  ~author/knight~


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