Sunday, May 1, 2005


May 01, 2005...[or 1938...]

* *

I am reminded of the Frank Capra film

that swept the Oscars that year. It was

about a runaway bride. I am not going to

dwell on the current true rendition of

that classic, save to say: It struck me odd

how that girl got so far from home

without her personal effects. I hope they

go easy on her becos for nearly three

days she was wearing *gasp* her sweats.

Some stories look funny prima facie.


Same with that tale of the fingre food a

short while ago. We still do not know

whose fingre it was. What seemed odd

about that one is that no=one in the fast

food bidness could reconcile the digit's

origin either. That lady should be forced

to provide the information so lacking

AND apologise to the aggrieved party,

namely that person who can currently

count no higher than Nine (9). Truth.


I am slightly disappointed with Katie

Holmes for choosing Tom Cruise over

me. But it's really not her fault...she

hasn't even met me. Plus+, her alter

ego on Dawson's Creek also chose the

wrong boy. Ask anybody who thot it

weird that a series set in New England

would have perfect Carolina weathre.

[N.B.: i josh that i am pining for Tom's

ex=girlfriends & ex=wives...slac is a

talker and a walker, Not a stalker.]

Never mind, Kate's too cute for me to

remain disenchanted for long.


All that aside^...i am remiss of the days!

I have totally blown off EARTH DAY &

Secretaries' Day [i have been such a

personal representatif in the past] AND

even The Passover! How could i be

less than a mensch about such things?!

The mind of my mind must be fully

pre-occupied of othre things! Dremes &

dreadnaughts, i suppose. Any=way, the

Second Coming of the second Maisy will

set things right. She means to visit me

on her birfday And on Mother's Day.

{i sincerely Hope that Hane's rock is

laid flat by Sun=Day} Less=the=Never,

here's my take on the diemus matriarchus:

All the children should call their mothers

on their birthday and say,"Happy Mother's

Day." AND on so-called Mother's Day,

each naturally conceived child ought get

a shout from their Mom saying,"Hey!

Boopchik! For this i spread my legs two

times and Schtill you pisht in my eye?!"

Or something like that^

[secret: Hane woulda loved that joke.]


~~non=communistical slac~~


slacbacmac said...

*my pages are various; my readers are stunned*
It's just a thing...

deabvt said...

And Happy Mother`s Day, dear Hane.

belfastcowboy75 said...

I think the "Hey Boopchik" idea has a real chance to catch on.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Cowboy---i am preternaturally
facetious but, Yeah, that> could fit on a bumper
sticker Or T=shirt...

floralilia said...


i gotta remember the "hey boopchik" call for next year -


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