Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Wednesday, already?


But a nice one at that.


Too bad i spent most of it in

the Slack=shack hand shredding

a big ol' box of Mac detritus

from the sun=porch. Rip!

{There is something uniquely

strange about tearing up checks

from dead people to other dead

people.} My customers did not

suffer from my divided attention.


If i am here=after not as current

on the news, it is for good reason.

I cancelled the weekly paper.

[except, of course, Sunday which

has the puxxle & the classifieds.]

It will focus my feeble mind to

have more folios going out than

coming in. Besides, i get most of

my News from Jon Stewart

anyway. And the Watchtower.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005...


And speaking of dumpster-diving:

One middling gentleman stopped

by my boof today to ask if he

could,"take a branch away."

I am so much more used to

turning schtuff Away than having

tree=limbs asked for. But i saw

no natural reason to refuse his

request. After all, recycling is

a malleable process which does

not inherently preclude a small

amount of tangential innocent

scavenging. Which~i do not

endorse on a larger nor malevolent

scale! I am trusted as the watcher

to guarantee that Everything which

is discarded under my eyes makes

it finally into the Great Loop of

destruction/recreation. It's my job,

and after five (5) years, i still take

it seriously. [ ponders me

what kind of schtick that guy just

had to have.] Never a dull moment.


And every=thing else that happened.


Amember~like the Pup=Man used to

say during the bingo days:

"Money takes up less space."

- - - - -disregard-the-counter- - - - - -



sunflowerkat321 said...

One day, I'll have more family detritus to sort through than I can imagine.  My mother's house was originally owned by HER grandfather and it has not been emptied in over 100 years.  I hope I can find = a slac shack in southern Indiana.

BEAUTIFUL days we're having now huh?!?!  I'm sure the yardening has taken off and the recycling business is brisk.  I must breeze by someday!

floralilia said...

maybe he was looking for a good piece to turn into a walking stick?

you never know what wonders you will find in nature, eh?

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, gfs! i do prefer the Nature to the
Sorting...yet there you have & thus it goes.
[secret: my Pop once burned one of my
walking schticks for kindling @ the cottage.]

deabvt said...

Slac, i haven`t bought a paper since the election; too depressing.


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