Wednesday, April 27, 2005




i woulda drained the swamp but

i was up to my adipose in



The CZECH'S in the male.


Rectum? It almost killed him!


That's allright, but how are you

at catching mice?


Had to--dead y'know.


It'll be the best darn funeral a

catholic dog ever had!


Of course we're gonna Run...

we're Brothers.


I don't know about that, but i

just figured you wanted to Open

those bottles...


Good thing we didn't step in that.


Think that's funny? You're next.


Well, gosh, i never had ten dollars



Maybe i shoulda said,"Dimaggio?"


I don't have to run faster than the

Bear; i just have to run faster than



That's allright, sir; he just jumped

outta the plane with my back=pack.


OH! Great! You've just given him

enough money to take in a Movie!


A pig like that~you don't eat all

at once.


I am in a farcical mood; perhaps you

can provide the set=ups for the

Jokes abof^and laff with each is not an assignment NOR

a contest. Just a little levity with the

brevity And keep it Clean, if you can.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005...

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Title: The Daily Grind...

Mood: schtill farcical, facetious

Weathre: iffy, as they say round here

[drixxly in the morn, b'ful tonite]

Thot: "if the Glow isn't mine, whose

is it?"

News: they's a lotta funny things

going on in da gub'ment--specially

in the Senate. {there's only one

G in gub'ment, and it's George, not

G~d} And other stuff, werld=wide.

Music: later...

TEXT: What i mean by the daily

grind is not so much the werk i do

at the parish, but the shredding of

documents i now under=take on

a regular basis. SO much crud! It's

a good thing i'm in da bidness.

I shred by hand when i'm not looking

after my regular customers. And it

breaks down much like the papers

they bring--80% useless corresponds

and reports, 15% personal info that

should get a proper grinding AND

5% really cool fambly ephemera.

And piles 2 peruse before i sleep!

[i don't really mind tossing the

various magazines...Smithsonians

and National Geografics are werth

only pennies on the pound.]

Shred! Grind! Confetti!


Speaking of money (and who was?):

I don't much like the obverse of the

new nickel. Thomas Jefferson appears

to be hiding his powdered wig AND

the werd Liberty is in script. Blah.

But there is a buffalo on the reverse

and that is cool. Five cents...hmm.

Also~one of the big banks just sent

me a check for 11 dollars & twelve

cents. Naturally, i woulda preferred

a lottery payment of many thousand

dollars but thereyago. [Hey, slac,

buy a lotto ticket and you might

actually have that problem!] i kid,

of gourse, but i have to wondre

where this paltry sum originated

And how i'm supposed to divide

it Seventeen (17) ways. Really.


Do Not Send Money! I have nearly

no need of it! AND, certainly don't

send checks of such smallness that

they trouble my administratif

sensibilities. I'd rather have a pile

of very old nickels. Plus+, there

seems to be a run in the post office

on Ronald Reagan schtamps...i did

not cause it. It was a fambly ephemera

thing that coincided with a recent

loss of Papal authority. OR so i might

believe if i were paying attention.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005^

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slacbacmac said...

This Glow has been read 000,00blank2 times^
OR add ten thousand hits~what's the up?
[i'd reset the darn thing but i'm afraid of being
Banisht] Advise of the Advise

cneinhorn said...

like the line+punches slac...a sense of humor you have, but don't know how to finish or start I should say the jokes for ya...not sure about counter resetting, how did you do that?  oh well, one just starts over!


slacbacmac said...

Jersey=gal> Agreement! Maybe these jokes are funnier
without the Context...but you'll know the set=ups when
you hear them. Counters? feh.

ondinemonet said...

Silly Slack make me giggle...LOLOLOLOLOLOL An original one, is you! ;)

Always, Carly

slacbacmac said...

Carly> you giggle 2 easily! Never mind~it's a
mitzvah. Random jokes play well on this InterWeb.
chekyalata        ~Author~

deabvt said...

The counter is Glowing!!


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