Sunday, May 22, 2005


Saturday, May 21, 2005...

Today, aside from being a very busy day

at the Yard Centre, was also Armed Forces

Day. Would that we lived in a werld that

celebrated Unarmed Forces Day. OR~a place

where winning the Nobel Peace prize meant

that you had to try even harder that year to

finally End the suffering of all Humanity.

It's a scant prayer in troubling times.


What i meant to say is that my Fambly has

offered up many strong individuals into the

Service of Freedom...and we have nearly

never lost a One to anything but old age.

{My perfect blessings and condolences on

those families who have Paid much more.}

We have a particular propensity of sending

Boys out on est, into the Navy and

the Marines, and occasionally to the Guard

service [Coasty Cap=sizer] & the Merchants

[Uncle Malcolm at his best]. Only now, in my

middling age do i Appreciate what my male

relatives underwent to protect the life i lead

as a piddling Pacifist. And, more=over, what

the wives & sisters endure in the Shadow of

their Dedication. It's the job your own mother

wishes you wouldn't take. THEY did.


Sunday, May 22, 2005...

Run, run, run. Paper products! Instant Coffee!

Gasoline! It's a good thing i'm back at werk

and occasionally able to pay for such things.

{It's all on paper, or mostly so; real money

gives me a Rash.} Thereyago.


Amid all the hub=bub about this new Star

Wars installment, Regard The Sith, we have

lost the two remaining franchises of the Trek

continuum--Enterprise & Andromeda. I am

bereft. Where will i go now to catch sight of

the delightful Jolene Blalock & Laura Bertram?

Not that i caught every episode as they played

because who has that kind of Time? Does my

nerdy rhetoric exceed me? [don't answer that.]


The Riddler will be missed...altho, for a long

time i think Mr. Gorshin was just filling in

Spaces for head=liners in Vegas. That is, he

really was a big star in the 60s...and more than

a competent impressionist. Gone too soon,

we'll miss that we missed Frank. Heaven!



slacbacmac said...

{some days, ya jest don't git the "Justification"}

deabvt said...

{It's all on paper, or mostly so; real money

gives me a Rash.}


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata 4 all the comments, Vince>>>
And your own Page, of gourse  ~Author~


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