Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Tuesday, May 24, 2005...

All the baby animals...

Last week i frightened a baby

rabbit with the widow's weed

wacker. Later the same day,

we saw a hawk on the roots of

a tree near the bank. Such

piercing yellow eyes and such

a sharp beak! This week i

found a dead baby squirrel

behind one of my roll=offs. It

wounded me to have to throw

it out with the trash. Today,

Monica & i bore witness in the

PD to Bambi in a box. Such a

small brown thing with white had probably lost

its mother to a vehicle on the

Northerly high=way. Detective

Mark was busy finding a venue

to rescue the soft orphan.

OH! And yesterday, a young

sparrow perched on the top of

my gate so close we could have

traded spit. I know, i know~i

shoulda had a diji-cama-what

to chronicle the encounters.

[just my luck, that'll be the next

Assign from some=body.] But

their vernal youth & beauty is

fresh in my mind's eye.


Speaking of which, one of my

lady customers brot a double

bag of potent grass to the Parish

and told me, off=handedly, that

it,"smelled like a carcass."

Which pondered me thus:

How does she know what a

carcass smells like? After which

i clued her in on not wrapping up

the cuttings so quick that they

schtart to ferment. Breathe!

A sparrow to the marrow, a Fawn

long past dawn, a bunny when it's

sunny And a hawk when you're not

on your walk...or a dead baby squirl

to make your hair curl. These are

observable things in spring.

{pardon the potery^}

*maisy2> Boo,

It's Maisy. I'm getting ready to go to bed.

Did you see my e-mail?

AUTHOR~just reading now

AUTHOR~what's up?

*maisy2>Nothing. I just wanted to say., Hi!".

AUTHOR~two imps^^

AUTHOR~cat & maisie!


AUTHOR~thereyago--i had extra werk today

AUTHOR~i'll read it forthwith

AUTHOR~*and bed me own self

*maisy2>Good night.

AUTHOR~rest well good & faithful


[IMP edited 4 name=nicks^05/25/2005]

Title: Late Night...

Weathre: dreary

Mood: cranky like a pin=schtart

Music: what's all inside my Head...

Thot: "If i can't break my own rules about

publishing IMPs, what good is the Glow?"


Never mind~i's all about the Love

not the Format^ Pix Amorro, Vince!

05/25/05^ slac


sunflowerkat321 said...

I have also been seeing wildlife everywhere.  I've especially been enjoying the bluebirds at Jordon Pond.  I think I saw an otter there today!!!

Isn't it great to just be able to be outside surrounded by all this beautiful LIFE??

slacbacmac said...

Beauty! Welcome back!> but i think i got that beat
for once...To=day, i saw my Neighbor's IGUANA.
And their tethered Tabby. I really do Need a Camera^
smooches & seeyasoon ~Author~

deabler3 said...

B  I  N  G  O  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cneinhorn said...

sexy slac in bingo days, what a treat!  :-)  


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