Friday, May 13, 2005


Your Friday the Thirteenth Potery


Slack=sheep, slack=sheep,

Have you any crud?

Yes Ma'am, Yes ma'am,

Three bags~thud.


I think that one is in the eminent

domain...hmm. Anyway~it was

the gorgeous day to walk to the

banks & the convenience store

AND the Thrift Shop. I didn't get

anything at the discount place;

that would be counter=productif.

But i did see a pair of Mac's old

seer=sucker trousers on the two

dollar table out front. Glance!

To think i coulda gotten a bus

ticket outta those blue & white

cast=offs! Never mind, they are

better off somewhere else.


And then i made a circuitous

route home, checking out local

properties...seeing both my pal

Fran [whose husband was a

great artist who went blind and

died too soon] and Brook [who

used to be a bar=maid at one of

the nearby taverns]. OH! And

former bingo-lady Dottie who was

driving a coupla her friends

around. I am confluent even when

i am not line=the=on! Veritas.


Decontruxionism? I am all up on

in that bad boy. By way of finding

the Cathedral front door open, i

schtepped lightly inside to check

out the ongoing werk project...

There is plastic all over the pews

and scaffolding from corner to apse.

The boom+box inside my baptismal

chambre was playing Rebel Yell by

billy idol. Seemed appropriate in a

very strange way...for i was a punk

when i first lived here, and they

buried a Bishop on the property

only Fourteen (14) years ago.

[Wonder what he makes of all the

asbestos flying around.] Rock!


Friday, 13 May, 2005...

Regardless of that & all=togethre,

We have to VOTE again Tuesday!

A primary for the next newest

Mayor and his City Council to pull

this municipality out of the doldrums.

{This will be important if we all just

don't want to become a suburb of

Atlantic City.} Don't get me started

on Inaction 72.


Read & Ring, it's just a Thing...



sunflowerkat321 said...

Hey....and you didn't stop by here????

slacbacmac said...

{i am a mystic traveller} But i did stop inside a
bread store for a minute...WE are as fluttering
paper, with the scantly missing each othre>

cneinhorn said...

the only voting I did today was for my American Idol favorite! ;-)


slacbacmac said...

Sweet j=gal> register & apprise!
this democracy thing is sooooo easy!
chekyalata ~Author~

deabvt said...

I think that one is in the eminent



deabvt said...

er......Great Pics Too!!!


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