Wednesday, May 4, 2005


Mowing the Mint...


...and running to the Recycle

with a box of periodicals

older than myself.


Genealogy? Geneticism?

i am also sometimes running

over fotografs from before

Moses at the burning bush.

No, really. He's in some of

them! Historiography...


Mac was the executor of his

Mother's estate and he did

a pretty good job. I know

becos Pop's entire life is

completely remaindered in

his library/office. [In this

regard, Hane's collectivity

seems quite austere.] These

are the conditions which

prevail. ÆGEAN stables.


{It can be dangerous to save

some things; just ask that

war=lord in Afghanistan.}


Yesterday, which woulda

been Monday, i was bit or

Schtung on the neck by a

yellow=jacket. Of course i

killed it. [i am therefor NOT

the perfect Buddhist.] It

hurt for a few minutes...

thank goodness i have a

natural immunity to bug

bites. Which probly accrued

to me when Boogerag had

the year of ten million fleas.

Ornery tabbies are good for

some things. And there is

nary a poison which can

defatigue the parish yard

master. Ask anybody.


Tuesday, May 3rd, And5^



Mood: empathetic

Musiq: [background]

Weathre: sunny but cool


So~i come to find out on

my morning constitutional

that we lost anothre great

person...Wilbur the Notary.

I commisserated with his

widow a block from home.

They helped me with a

great many transactions in

my life, most notably the

registrations of no less than

four cars. My older brother's

Nova, my neighbor's Granada,

my younger brother's Mazda

And, of course, the Green

Ghost which has passed thru

three generations. They tried

to help me with Pop's PofA

but i screwed that up royal.

[it was my first time & like

othre projects i have under=

taken in same circumstance,

Totally unnecessary.]

Wilbur had the Alzheimer's

and so, had a troubling end,

even at home. Yet, in his

prime, he was a courageous

person~a city policeman

before he did the Notary

thing so well with his wife.

He is well joined from all

the Angels i now pray to!

Then, i blessed his widow

and walked on. Steps.


Werk was easy enuf...yet

not the perfect spring day

for Yardening on a grand

scale. It'll pick up right

after the next frost. And

tomorro i must clip anothre

lawn belonging to anothre

Widow; yipes! i am acircled

by signal women! Perhaps

i should open a group home

to advance their cause and

care for them better than

the current establishments.

Hmm~nope. I have more

werk to do keeping my own

sisters off the crutch & shunky.

Read that lightly for i am

honestly facetious^

- - -fontmebutdon'twontme- - -



plittle said...

Still readin'. Just so's you know, and all.

deabvt said...


tomorro i must clip anothre

lawn belonging to anothre

Widow; yipes! i am acircled

by signal women!


slacbacmac said...

*he is read by the best...and commented
less frequently* Twas ever Thus

louf48 said...

no comment....

belfastcowboy75 said...

Sisters and a circle of single women--that is a lot of responsibility.

cneinhorn said...

I can think of worse things than being encircled by single women....alrighty then, moving right along...not always commenting, but always reading slac.  :-)


floralilia said...

"yipes! i am acircled

by signal women! "

laughing hysterically - only you slac...only you!

slacbacmac said...

Deep Appreciata>> the circle conforms me,
as you know, And i am all about the Love.


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