Saturday, May 28, 2005



It's all about the Numbers.

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exempli gratia: I'm beginning

to think i should add a hit

countre that records the

number of times my other

hit countre has been reset.

Who's with me?


Among the Missing and

missed: Eddie Albert,

Fred Flintstone and Tony

the Tiger. They were

greeaaaatt! Condolences.

[N.B.: the man who voiced

the stone=aged kegler

 cleaned up the swear

werds of Jackie Gleason

in the Smokey & The Bandit

movies; the voice of the Tiger

also sang the Grinch song.]


Must be 7 o'clock...i hear

bells. Saturday, May 28, 2005:

One of my bosses @ werk

called me "Bob" the other day.

I was not offended in the

least because after five years

of Service i do my job(s) so

well that he can't even amember

my real name! I'm like a cat that

way...i never come when i'm

called any=way but i am ever

underfoot. Speaking of Cats,

bounce to my girls [top right]

for they exceed me especial in

all regards. Their names and

numbers are etched on my

felicitous Heart. *Gush*


Kiss a Veteran this weekend.

And listen to the schtory they

tell. It'll blow your mind, and

it will soften the pain they

carry about friends lost on

foreign shores. That is my

Memorial Day message for

this year. Simple and True.


Which points to the fact that

i probly won't post Amorro or

Monday. ["this is News?"]

Ever=How~the slackman

shall entertain Comments,

e=mails, & fone=calls real on

both days. I may be stealthy

and quick but i am fervently

cognizant of pressing matters.

OR some such filosofy^

Once again: disregard the

counter and hearing the voice

of Aimee Mann carry into the

remaining dusk...'Til Tuesday,




sunflowerkat321 said...

What a Memorial Day message...what better way to memorialize than to share.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata & Agreement, foto=abulous One>
Remembrance has Beauty & Value...FairMay
Smooches & seeyasoon ~Author~

louf48 said...

methinks it is actually mary and The Blob (Capsizer)

floralilia said...

only you have the magical counter recounter.  oh well, it keeps you young, eh?

a wonder-filled memorial post today Bob.  thank you for this..

slacbacmac said...

Thanks>> hey, Goof, i took that pixture & it was maisie
and Rocky 4 sure. And one of my better fotos too.
Smoooch, Flo!> The "number magic" kinda schticks to
me in a good way...kinda like when i was Captain Wide.
Talk & seeyasoon  ~Author~

louf48 said...

ok Bill, Mary and should know, Bob?

deabler3 said...

Hope you had a great weekend!!


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