Thursday, April 3, 2008


Saturdé, March 29th, oo8...& there=after:  TITLE: BOUNCY BUZZY BIDNESS  TEMP: 40° cold and breexy but Sunny  MOOD: mildly frustrated yet coldly Hopefull  MUSIK: whistling to the ishpod when the othre media players ain't arguing amongst theyselves  NOISE: the fullness of the APT building, often  WIDEO: TANYA MEMME in the morning, Sell Haus  SOOP: does cabbage liqeur count as broth?  HAER: medium wavy; fiercely Razored the soul=patch a coupla dés ago. Clipping mousy

TEXT: Of a sudden, lots and lots of people are interested in my Opinion. First it was the radio rating service and yesterdé [Saterday] it was SHEILA from Quinnipiac. [«If the elexn were held To=day...»] Fortunately for them, i am a free and independent thinker who doesn't mind putting thots into werds. {i am more Reticent with close Associates & Familiars} *Opine!*

Wednesday, April Second, oo8...i have a near perfect excuse for not Publishing sooner. My fone=line went down on the nearest night i needed it?! i know, i know---i should have all sorts of satellite link=ups & wyreless Connexns at my discreet disposal by this late date...What can i say? i am an Extraordinarily late joiner!  i can fix it all, remotely, from the slack-shack.{Technology is a wonderful thing~until it fails}Meanwhile, i am well back at my chosen werk and being schlammed with all the yard debris that came down in the wintre winds; i prefer a busy yard=parish to a slow starting Season!

Much=as=more when i reconcile my Copper leads... *effablySlac*


sunflowerkat321 said...

Welcome back to the shack.

I'm glad to hear the busy ness is to your liking.

slacbacmac said...

The busiest by much=so=far, flowre=sun!
And i'm Loving it              ~Author~


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