Thursday, April 24, 2008


NB: i don't forget earthday; i live it.

Meanwhile, the property tax relief is not at all coming this Year from the CASINOES, some of which are already open for business. So, where is the money going?? Just a query^  Fortunately, there is anothre primary election coming up on May 15th [and7]. It is municipal but even independents can VOTE on certain ballot questions. Remembre~change comes from having a purple fingre, not from the mouths of Politicos. Think, Act, Vote. [reposit]

Tuesday, April 22nd, the thirty=eighth Earthdé: «les toutes changez, les toutes la même chose» The more things change, the more they really remain the same. {my French is atrocious} Verdad.

Thursday, April was a talky day yesterdé on the bus lines. As i was walking to my pickup, an elderly woman waiting for the A chatted me up. Of course, i've seen her riding afore & probly schpoke with her too. {slac rarely talks to strangers; slac is more than schtrange enuf hisself} At the wait for the W, i conversed briefly with a pretty black girl who needed to know the Time. She ultimately decided not to ride. Also~i schpoke at length with a slightly disabled man who carries a cane AND a bicycle when he rides. [he walks well enuf for having been a passenger in a DUI accident seven years ago.]   Nice people one meets while using mass transit. Later, after werk on the in=bound W...a petite redhead was schtanding near the driver Regaling him & me with schtories of Patriarchal abuse and being cheated out of fifty thousand dollars ($50k) by her sister upon the demise of said Patriarch.   Having recently been an Executor & Trustee myself, i empathised with her experience. Not that i ever came close to her own troubles, thank G! Shows=to=go ya~even lovely creatures who werk with troubled kids can have deep & abiding personal Conflict... *sagas*   it's a NORDIC term for long Heroic aventures. Kinda like the democratic nominating Process of and8. Hint: the tide is not really turning. ~auralslac~

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