Monday, March 24, 2008


Monday, March 24th, oo8... J said: «It is mine to lay down, and it is mine to take up again»

Dinner & Dominoes with my 'cats' and 'kids'...CAT was Xian kind to serve me supper on the Risingdé. And we had a very good group for the traditional baked Ham with au gratin spuds, schteamed broccoli [a personal favourite], salad & crescent rolls.  For afters, we had pistachio cake with decaffeinated coffee. The cake was baked in the shape of a lamb by CAT's girlfriend, JANE. With chocolate frosting. Jane also brot a game of dominoes for us to play betwixt the Feast and the dessert. «They divided my clothes among them, and threw lots for my cloak.» If my sister=in=law isn't care=full, i might wander down to her home a good deal more often for dining!  CAT's mom & sister [the one who owns a sugar glider] were also in Attendance and i made sure to buss them kindly and gently as is my Custom. HAPPY HOLYDÉS to every=one! ~Schpringly*slac~

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gdireneoe said...

(((Slac)))  As ever...intelligencia and engata. ;)  C.


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