Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday, April 20th, of8...PENNSY is purple.  Which is to say, keystoners will probly schplit the DEMO ticket right down the middle. One thing is for sure--we'll almost have a turn=out bigger than the Two Thousand & Four general vote.  {my Predictions, like polls, are notably innaccurate}  Just for fun~i will offer rare endorsements for young Voters. BUT do not let my conscience be yo' guide!

Since there are more new Democrats than new Republicans, i encourage write=in votes for the also-rans?! Ask your poll werker to assist you in pencilling in Dennis Kucinich, Joseph Biden or one of the other forgotten candidates. Remember to spell their names correctly on the ballot. Do not waste your write=in vote on spurious persons nor fictional characters! Put down a real Democrat of your choice. [Edward Rendell OR Robert Casey are also good choices.] Vote early and often.

Republican voters have it much easier. While John McCain is most certainly the perfect landslider in his Party, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are schtill on the ballot! Any Republican who has issues with the ARIZONA Senator can easily & conveniently express their opinion by choosing one of these.  As with the Democrats, any GOP person can also write in a living and actual conservative person.  [Warning!: Goldwater, Reagan, Nixon & Buckley have assuredly passed on. Even dead democrats in CHICAGO don't vote for deceased aldermen.]

If one is a newly registered Independent~Patience!  Novembre Fifth is not that far away. The third, fourth and fifth Party candidates have always had an impact on General Elections. Just keep VOTING. It's a good thing. Teddy Roosevelt thot so, when he progressed.

Polytryx aside~i am encouraged by all the schporty women who have most recently made their marks.  LEONA OCHOA has won four (4) golf Tournaments in a row! The TIGER hasn't done that. DANICA PATRICK finisht her first grand prix race in JAPAN and it brot her to tears. {i, myself, would weep iffen i had to drife around in circles for hours...then Pass the nearest person just Afore the chequered flag!} Yu-go grrls^

More othre things Amorro... ~slac~

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