Thursday, April 10, 2008


i enjoy signing up the Newbies & filling them in on the finer Points of parish recycling. It's nice to be nice...With kindnesses 2 small animals & children yet.

tuesdé, Avril Eigth, of Eight...i would state on the state of the state, but it is still so much in Play! The various Party hacks have once again rung in too soon. The PRIMARY is two (2) Tuesdés away. {polipoeticle^}

Thursdé, April 10th, o8...66° mit bright sun=shine What a perfect dé to walk around the Western frontier! From the farmers' market [free Samples] to the big drug=store, from the hard=ware schtore to a tony Spice botega~with admiring glances from all the pretty girls as i trod in my black suede skater shoes... {slac don't actually skate} Yes~the windoes are Open and the bed is changed over from the fresh and finely filtered Aer. My sinuses had a suspicion that this Day was coming; more=the=much after We overfilled yesterdé's roll=offs. The regular busman joshed me,"I don't know what you're having for breakfast, but it seems to have put more bounce into your jump." i told him that my feet had become Accustomed to my barracks boots. Step lightly and brightly in one's chosen foot=wear, i always say. OR~what old Mac said afore he went to schleep nearly ten (10) years ago: «Shut up, Grow up, Lighten up»

while i am missing & mourning the descarnations of ARTHUR C. CLARKE, RICHARD WIDMARK and CHARLTON HESTON, i am compassionately encouraged by the serenity of TENZIN GYATSO...He only desires Freedom for his native people in their native land. Isn't that^ also an Olympian ideal? Just saying/thinking. ~slac~

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