Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sunday, Avril 17th, and5... [reposit:]  How could so many people have been doing yard=werk on the first day of fishing? Astounding.  At the end of my Saturday shift, ya couldna git anothre stick on.  Monday, Avril 17th, and6...[reposit:] What a gorgeous Day to do either yard=werk OR taxes. Aless one is preoccupied with more Astounding matters! Yesterday~i had the most excellent dinner @ Cat's manour with the cats & the kids & Rocky's boy=friend & the most entertaining mutual friend of the Fambly, Jane. Blade helped with the fruit salad and probly the green salad; Cat cooked the wonderful Ham with green beans, potatoes au gratin, crescent rolls AND cheesy=meaty=ziti. [the Ziti is their recent addition to the tradition...and i liked it.]  [One could read the reposit of And7...it is brief & sad]  Tuesday, April 15th, 2008...day=present Entry: Bad News/Good News~in Xactly one (1) week, the Will of the bittre pennsyites may be revealed; there is little Time to thwart the polls & pundits. WE are up to it.  *

NATIONAL BAD NEWS: Is there a correlation between women's Wrestling and the horrible cheer=leadres' beat=down in FLORIDA? To describe the behaviour of those Teens as animalistic is an affront to animals. And what will become of the gentle flowers of Womanhood caught up in the perverse Polygamy of TEXAS? It makes me sad for the werld that American girls are yet Reduced to such horrors^^ Cut the Crud, America. 

NATIONAL GOOD NEWS: the lama has alighted on the West Coast; the pontiff is alighting on the Eastern edge.  {it's how us holyguys roll~We sometimes meet at the Golden Schpike} It is a fair Nation which embraces and welcomes Persons of PEACE from far=off lands while conducting a war against chaos & unkind Corruption.  «There is no compulsion in Religion» Overmore, it isn't a RECESSION unless you recede from it. ~po'slac~



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