Friday, April 20, 2007


The Bells are Back!  [this is either a reposit or publication of previously deleted material:]  (Friday, April 20, And7^)  The cathedral has been undergoing renovations and for some reason, we've been without a carillon for six months or more. {one could scan my old entries for such a temporal reference...} Any=way, the darn bells are back. Funny how you don't miss something very Annoying until it's not there.  [edited]

It's 8 o' you know where your Bells are?  Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Weathre: perfect

Werk: slightly busy

Werld: very much still screwed up with horrible actions here and there. C'mon, people, we are in this thing togethre---let's please abandon the slaughter of innocents and the Dumping of good Humans into brackish waters. Presently.

Bells? Heresy? Genocide? Crud?  i hope i don't get the bump & shun from the wonderful creatures who occasionally reset My counters.

[end of reposited and edited entry]


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