Monday, April 23, 2007


On such a beautiful day, We require lightness.Lightness of clothes, lightness of carriage and lightness of charactre. The gentle touch... And sun=screen! Plenty of schmutzy SPF.  The terrapin and i had a light lunch at Nick's.  He had the tuna=fish sandwich & i had the chicken/bacon/cheese melt. [my cholesterol meds must earn a Place in my arteries!] We decided that if i am EARL, he must be RANDY.  Even 'tho he's the one with an automobile.  Also--if he is PINKY, then i must be BRAIN, altho we werkt the logic back=wise on that.  Then we talkt about a million othre things which i pray do not end up on KIM BASINGER's  fone=machine. ['nuf said^] We sauntered thru the neighbourhood and took in two (2)open=hauses. This^ is an idle entertainment on a SUNDAY for two brothers to enjoy when two of their Sisters are brokers and one of their ex=brother's=in=law is a rehabilitateur.  But, regardless of that, we were walking for the sake of walking. Lightly in the Moment...  People i shoulda met: Vonnegut was in theWalley twice, including once at my College of Record. Kitty Carlisle probly came to visit one or anothre theatres here as well. I shoulda seen DON HO when the Colonel offered to take me and the Patriarch...We were already strolling near WAIKIKI as he mentioned it. That was in the last millennium. Brief opportunities...  Where in the name of LAUREN AMBROSE was i going with this?! i must be sun=addled. Toni and Todd haf been so good as to lend the turtle a room near Cat's bewidowed will be a mitzvah on the Fambly. veritas ^written Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 CE^

Monday, April 23rd, andSeven, new Epoch... What a grand day to collect yard=waste and confer with my Regulars! Including my brudda who carriaged me in the black beauty unto my SouthEastern ramparts. Such a one i would not trade Diamonds for, if i owned such gems to barter. Imagine the trouble we will cause in Carolina come cinco de mayo....or werds to that effect. Puxxle imperfect.~slac~

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