Tuesday, April 10, 2007


April 10th, and7, a Tuesday... my doctor was looking at my old triglycerides numbre and she said,"Some people would kill for that."  {she loves my numerals, expecially the ones corrected by minimal meds}  Now, if only they could figger a way to draw Blood without a sharp schtick into the radial artery! YOW^

The Turtle treated three (3) of us to EASTER DINNER at a nationalised restaurant. i did the drifing...Cat had her dinner in anothre locale.  That is, WE were celebratory until i had a minor conniption Regarding the table=talk. {i love my Brother and his chi'dren as my own} Next year, i'll baste my own ham or lamb AND invite evybody! It's possible.

As chilly as it is here and elsewhere, i take heart of the Redemptif days.  As i was riding the W retourn just yesterday, i gave my day=pass to a woman who needed it more than i was going to use it. She insisted on giving me a paper dollar for it.  Yet, as i alighted on twenty=second street, i handed the folded singleton back to her. [Small kindness that i read the book in the bright Season.]G & J tell us to,"Give without thot of Recompense NOR apprehension of eventual reward."  Truth. Believe.

~testable/testamentable Slac~

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