Friday, April 6, 2007

CRUX the twenty=first Century...

TITLE: We call it schpring, onion=schnow & all

TEMP: 48°, brisk with sun=shine flurries

MOOD: offlusif...and mildly befuddled

PUXXLE: perfect, 100%

PRESSURE: 107 systolik, 67 diastolik...

MUSIK: mostly EJ with some othre 70s throwed in

NOISE: the cardinal chirps cheerfully

WIDEO: Elton's birfdé concert, ANDY BARKER

GROX: baby carrots, olive oil, egg noodles,

bogo hot=dogs And salsa

HAER: under the hat, short and flat

THOT: «if Bullets were $ 2400 an ounce, How many

murders would there be?»

POLITICAL OBSERVATA: Our choices are narrowing precipitously on both sides in the And8 general presidential election. Would you rather have a multi=racial candidate than the first Woman in history? [^democrats^]  JOHN EDWARDS should have been the top of the ticket four (4) years ago. Hmmm...

Would you rather have the former Mayor of an assailed city than a decorated war Veteran who has held to Principles of engagement in the Senate? [^republicans^] Hard selexions, too early offered...And who will arise as a spoiler?!  Schtay tuned, get registered, it's gonna be a fine mess. Plus+, it's way too soon for me to get into these Concatenations... veritas

BIBLICAL REMARKS: the Witnesses are driven crasy by how i parafrase the Good=Book, even when i am reading it verbatim. {Alas, i do not have the original Hebrew, Greek & Aramaic on hand}

TEXT: there we were, me and the Turtle, eating schlices at the local pizza parlour, sitting near the plate=glass front window [something real gangstas would never do] when two detectifs walkt in for a nosh. i could tell they were police by their automatic sidearms..but they weren't wearing uniforms per se. When we left, we observed their cars which were marked, DORAVILLE POLICE. The Turtle noticed their GEORGIA plates. Holy Crud! Were they here for a prisoner exchange OR becos of that Federal thing in JERSEY? And hadn't my brother just come from GEORGIA on palm sunday?  {the innocent have nothing to fear from the officers of the Law--yeah, right.} Over=more, could our membership in the BFD have been compromised? i kid out of professional respect.  Never mind~we'll either find the answers or Not.  Happy Holy=Days from the slac^

babaloo yo

SLAK haooy holy=day

SLAK happy

babaloo ahhhh

babaloo same to you

SLAK appreciata

babaloo what's new?

SLAK schnow squalls

babaloo /goofy smiley/

babaloo make it stop!

SLAK it's the onionschnow, we expect it...

babaloo /spurious smiley/

SLAK cold on the Yard tho

babaloo you betcha

SLAK you probly haf a tan^

babaloo are you taking vacation to go to wedding?

SLAK as much as the day

babaloo what?

SLAK yes

babaloo flying down?


babaloo how?

SLAK we'll see

babaloo ahhh ...don't know yet?

SLAK i travel as my progenitors

babaloo what?

SLAK driving, hitching, going where i am wanted

babaloo but no car now?

SLAK good question

babaloo gonna buy one?

SLAK some=day

babaloo oook

SLAK i'll get there

babaloo ok

SLAK can't keep me away^

babaloo ok

SLAK i know the Groom

babaloo ok

SLAK else?

babaloo ok

SLAK seeyasoon

babaloo ok

SLAK o~k

babaloo k

^IMP edited for Nomenclature^


louf48 said...

If you look like your passport picture...
you probably need the trip.

slacbacmac said...

i enjoy being called Ugly by people who have to schneak up on a
glass of water with a grox=bag & a schtoppt Watch.  Fixt any
mirrors lately?  Never mind--i kid becos i love   ~Author~


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