Saturday, August 6, 2005


Saturday, August 06, 2005...


There is much tragedy in the werld

this week. For which i can only add

my Sorrows of them. While my

sisters (4) were attending my care

and confidence, Sunflower heard

horrible news about one of hers.

AND, she lost a nephew as well in

the car crash. IT is too much for me

to bear and i hardly knew them.

I can only send my Angels after

the fambly of my fambly. Pray.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was the hottest dang day of the

Year and the Fierce Five came

togethre for serious business. Most

and Each of them doubly so. My

seesters were all weepy sniffling

NOT becos the job was sad and

arduous BUT becos we collectifly

were kicking up the talcum dust

of a Quarter Century. We moved

fast & hard thru as much as two

floors of Crud at fair schpeed.

And still it was brief & scant by

variegated over=views. Started

well, by my standards...Yet i am

easily impressed by needful

freneticism. Rip! Tear! Run to the

Recycle! Toss the mementos into

the nearest Sibling container!

{There's a box near=by with my

Name on it; i 'spect it's only the

first of Some.} When's LUNCH?!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Are we Swimming yet?


My nephew, Jay=Jay was on the

service of the tsunami when his

both Grand-Mothers departed this

veil of tearing...And in a very soft

merciful blessed Way, i consider it

a Mitzvah. Those girls had a plan

for him. Saving thousands to miss

a party of dozens~Lord, i wish i'd

pulled that Assign! Yesterday, when

he was Available, we took him to

both those bone=yards. I think the

ladies were impressed. And why

not? They loved their tall and quiet

humorous Hero more than they had

Voice to say. [it's still a Secret.]

But, Hey! The entire fambly loves a

navy man. Cool kid.


Maisy (my seester) called me this

morning as i was getting ready for

werk and asked me,"Can you go on

the internet for a minute?" To which

i simply replied,"No." *up=dial*

[she's probly in Connecticut by now

and can probly catch her own culots

before i see her again.] WERK!

THUS it is and so much...slac

Addendum~~i am sometimes interrupted

by spurious IMPs...this is One of those--

Assistor2Maisy t18 relieved?

Assistor2Maisy t18- house to yourself again!

*executeur~ such a haus!

Assistor2Maisy t19- :D

Assistor2Maisy t19- well, you survived!

*executeur~ nice visit all=to

*executeur~ i am rarely alone

Assistor2Maisy t22- ok

*executeur~ did Maisy get her info?

Assistor2Maisy t23- yup

*executeur~ and Kay got her schtuff

Assistor2Maisy t23- good

*executeur~ thanks 4 the assistance

Assistor2Maisy t24- ain't nothin

*executeur~ shux

Assistor2Maisy t24- :D

*executeur~ i'm gonna bounce off becos

i need a nap & Amorro i will do much more...

Assistor2Maisy t25- ok

*executeur~ appreciata again

Assistor2Maisy t26- :D

*executeur~ come any=time, talk lata

Assistor2Maisy t26- :D

*executeur~ smooch the Maisy

Assistor2Maisy t27- :D

*executeur~ ta

IMP edited 4 Time (t27) & Smileys^


astralasterisk said...

O Lord, Bless these angels of slack's family; gather them close to your breast...Show them your Face and let the Eternal Light shine upon them. Rescue Slack and his sisters from their heartfelt misery and renew their faith in Your Word by reminding them,
"Eye has not seen
Nor has ear heard
Nor has it entered the mind of man
What the Lord has prepared for those who love Him"
Our journey here on earth is ultimately to be returned to your side in everlasting life.
Bless everyone in Slack's family with the knowledge of your unending Mercy and Your Everlasting Love. God be with each of his family members this day. Amen

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata Astral One!>
The grass is growed over Her by about 8 (Eight) months
But her presence is felt in the WERK @ hand...

slacbacmac said...

Avance already! Go to Sun=Flower & comfort her!
My loss is temporal~hers, immediate.

floralilia said...

sitting quietly - softly smiling...

sunflowerkat321 said...

I have felt your angels here.

Much love...


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