Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Tuesday, August 09, 2005...

i am not quite old enuf to remember

Nagasaki but i am schmart enuf to

despise all kinds of bombs.


There is some good news: Eileen

Collins made a b'ful dead=stick

landing of the DISCOVERY in the

wee hours at Edwards Air=Base

AND the Russian submariners were

rescued alltogethre. Blessings!


Peter Jennings is now werking on

Elocution in the Canadian section

of paradise. Yet, if the Matriarch

runs into him, he could end up

sounding more Kennedy than

Canuck. [taking a bahth in the

Yahd while positing a new ideer]

Better they should werk on their

LATIN & aramaic. Just saying...


i made a bag of yard=waste to take

to the Parish today; alas, it isn't

any of My schtuff---it belongs to

the Widow whose lawn i mow twice

monthly. AND, while i was getting

the electric mower from her garage,

two lovely ladies in the Alley askt

me questions about the size of the

row=homes in the area. The fair

brunette played interrogatress while

the blonde twirled her keychain.

[i suspect the latter was an Agent

of estate réal; and funny i can speak

in that tongue, most recently taken

up for fun & profit.] Accost me

while i do a good turn! I have that

kind of face! Fiduciary Yard=Boy^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Then, i bumped into my banker at

the convenient=gas=schtore. We

had most recently been tracking a

certain missing cheque by e=mail.

And, here we were schtanding in

line for Sodas...THINGS like this

happen to me often. I am never

stunned by Serendipity. Veritas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Id est, i am well attended by all

kinds of womanly Supervisors.

INCLUDING the four (4) cats that

i shall entertain for the next few

days. From kids 2 kittens & wives 2

widows, i please my girls at every

turn. Twas Ever Thus. AND, it is

nice werk if you can get it!

[secret: Eileen Collins is a distant

cousine.] Beauties & MEOW~slac


N.B.: ALL my mothers are holding

Kat's Meg & Schulyer in fervent

Heavenly embrace. THEY smooch.


thelovetrain said...

"Bombs baaaaad!"

Peter Jennings (RIP) -- I know two cats, that are hot on his heels.

Row=homes <~ Often used as cowd=werds, by affectionate females.

I left you a comment at Flora's, due to our frequent communications, there. I may start coming 'here', though, to leave comments for you.

~Heavenly embrace, Brian  @---->---


floralilia said...

and what of the girl=friends?  how quickly thee forgets. karyn with the why, and I are not amused.

but, because you are the ever succulent and shimmering sir slacalot - we forgive you.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata all=to & forevermuch>>
my smooches & empathies schtraddle 3 werlds...
Is that possible? ~Author~


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