Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Dad was a philatelist...Not only that,

he was a schtamp=collector.


Hane was pious to a fault...Neatness

interfered with her saintliness. Yet,

somehow she managed to save only

the most Blessed items.


The cat was only friendly toward the

three (3) of us. And they say that

animals are dumb and without natural

discernment! >hisss<


If i had a dollar for every fotograf in

which i couldn't identify the persons,

i'd have, like, five=hundred & seventy

nine ($579) dollars. Legacy.

* *

The Past is prologue...

And VIRGINIA is the centre of the

Universe. At least currently.


Tuesday, 16 August, 2005^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

MUSIC: Various/shuffle


WEATHRE: Sunny & Mild, Yeah!

THOT: "Where are the moths

coming from?? We got rid of half

the clothes!"

FILOSOFY: String Theory in B&W


The city boys painted the Yellow

corners today...i wondre if that will

keep strangers from parking in front

of the Garage. At least they didn't

complain about my fallow garden.

Yes, i have started yet anothre pot

of my chicken=soup. I admit i don't

schtrip a bird of meat as well as my

Old Man, but i'm getting there. And

i am more than adequate about the

sauteing of Onions & Celery.


Admisso! i am far behind my e=mail

and my pointless Glow comments...

the thot of the fat=cat Pennsy robber

barons taking or PRETENDING not to

take their "unvouchered expenses"

weighs profoundly on my risible Mind.

Visitories! Remind me to schtay on

this subject thru the next three (3)

election cycles--it was a Travesty of

a Sham of two casino greezed shams

of a travesty. BETTER yet, find out

what your representatif intends to do

with YOUR money! No taxation without

representation--of a better calibre than

we have now. And why doesn't the

keystone state insist on meritorious

Judge=Ships instead of Political ones?

Advise me ofthe Advise~i'd like to

keep the true statesmen in Office if

possible. Yet, who are they?

- - -endofcurrentpolrant- - -

Pretty good for some=one who hasn't

read a Daily for three months...and

i'm trying to keep up with the latest

InterWeb Anniverseral happenings as

well. GO! Visit those pages; this one

has morphed without fair Warning!

{He schpeaks in riddles^} Torch!

Never mind~i'll come around again

full circle (360ยบ). Guaranteed.


August 17, 2005^^


gdireneoe said...

Slac?  Check the pantry hon'...moths LOVE pasta and such.  C.

deabvt said...

I`m with you, slac...PA Legislators.... Bahhh!
{PS Cute Kittie}

slacbacmac said...

Aprreciata C!> i just clap them between my hands...the Moths
haven't much of a source~
Vince> Let's Amind each othre 2 keep the subject in the next
Election Cycles 4 sure---dang Lawyer=Pirates!

cneinhorn said...

cute little kittie slac...nice words today.  nice to be back...catching up  :-)



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