Monday, August 15, 2005


Sunday, August 14, 2005...

Quote: "I am the Cat who walks Alone and

All Places are the same to me..."

~Rudyard Kipling, the Just So Stories


This'll be your cat entry for this month,

all other conditions none=with=standing...

Last week i had no cats to look after at all.

And it's been, like, five (5) years since i

had the horrible duty of Delivering

boogerag to the Vet. [She expired on the

way.] But~this week, i again had the distinct

honour of looking after my Neighbors'

four (4) felines. THEY are as much my

girls as any---Nutmeg, the eldest thin &

slightly dopplic kitty; Bijou, the dark black

Queen of her realm; Ginger, the partially

free to roam the ramparts neutered Matron

AND Amber, the multi=coloured Lover of

all strange things & circumstance. They

don't think much of me, EXCEPT i clean

their boxes & refill the food & water bowls.

It's their haus and i am just the hired help.

Or perhaps, an unwanted Interloper!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have been enjoying my Neighbors' better

air=conditioning and their Superior cable

Television set=up. Plus+, when i go over

there to water the plants, i can briefly forget

that my MANOR is a mid=wise deconstructed

sheet-box. THEY have Newspapers & Mail

coming in evyday; i am trying to send more

out than comes in Until the point where i can

Disappear alltogethre. Their haus is a large

Inspiration to my Minimalist out=look.



Maisie has as many CATS as that^ it pondres

me much how she finds the time to Schwim!

Such profound mysteries in the middle of

August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro

and my other Sister, Kay on their respectif

birfdays (Fidel, 79 & Kay something over 50)

- - - -VivianhasmybestTorch- - - - -

Monday, August 15, 2005...

And now, Kay has yet anothre reason to

Remember her birfday---the disengagement

from the Gaza Strip! I hear there are some

nice hauses there that are gonna go Wanting.

All that remains for me to do is prove that

I'm a natural Palestinian. Might happen...


Speaking of neighbors~i came home from

werk to=day & was delighted to find a pile of

snail mail inside my door. [since i cancelled

the news=paper, i am schtarved for light

reading.] Alas & Alack--it was too good to

be true; every missive was intended for the

fambly which shares the Twin. BUT i am not

complaining! I'd rather look at anyone else's

mail anyday than deal with what little

correspondence finds its Way to me. (The

grand Thundre=Schtorm last night almost

took me off the GRID alltogethre. ZAP!)

Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up

[like evybody else] on what's happening in

GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

- - -read me & exceed me- - -slac- - -


gdireneoe said...

Slac you precious are as ever, informed, interesting, and EXCEEDingly hilarious.  Just love it...  C.

astralasterisk said...

Slac J-Land is celebrating their 2nd AnniVoicery Sunday ...Could you please join us...We would love to "Hear" from you...Go here to learn how...Courtenaymphelan!

slacbacmac said...

Celeste>you Ring & are easily Entertained, that's a Good
thing. OF the else>>i need both Voice & fone, But by Sunday
i shall try 2 SQUEAK onto the Voiciversary...perhaps.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Schtarved for light reading?  Plenty of it here in j-land.  I question if I'll EVER catch up.

deabvt said...

Happy Birthday, Kay!!


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