Monday, August 22, 2005


Saturday, August 20, 2005...

Lose a Puppy, find a Puppy...

A woman appeared on the Yard today

looking for a stray dog. I directed her

to the 'kennels'. Later, a beagle pup

ran up to me trying to elude the Parish

policeman. I think these were two

unrelated occurences. We'll see about

that maybe Monday. [Animals are

fascinated by me because i am devoid

of Fear and Guile; unfortunately for

them, i do not take them in, either.]

What's a dog in the large werld anyway?

Floppy ears & a Furious tail...


The newspaper people called me twice

yesterday. They want me to take the

Thursday thru Saturday for Free while

i pay only for Sunday. Thanks but no

thanks~i'm really enjoying being out of

the Loop. Plus+, i can read whatever

comes into werk when i feel like it.

Well, i didn't tell them all that; i just said

that i was a happy, singular, Sunday

subscriber. And that was Truth enuf

until they call again. Now, if i can just

figger out a way to Turn Off the Telefone

when i don't want That!


Meanwhile, as i was rifling thru the Old

Man's desk, i found Yet more buried

treasure. Namely, His baptismal certify,

his Wife's baptismal certify AND their

marriage Paper! Holy Crud, it amazes me

that schmart People who paid for a safety

deposit box in Town did not keep such

Ephemera in that place for the Cost!

They musta had more pressing things on

their middling minds. I have to forgif my

progenitors that much, considering all the

other Things they provided throughout our

co=joined fambly History. Busy people.

And the occasional stray puppy...

- - - - - -observata^- - - - - -

Title: Mowing the Mint

Mood: wacky, weed=wacky

Noise: Junebugs & Treefrogs

Thot: "It's a meditation to trim so many

things, growing so fast, so far and so

High; not unlike shredding Form lettres

by hand." [i am hard pressed to find

any grass in the bunch of it!]

Chicken Soop: pasta added

Sunday, August 21, 2005...

I did the Widow's Lawn expecially good.

But i get paid for that! Later, at the grox

schtore, i helped a brunette with an arm

full of yogurts. I said,"You need a basket to

carry all that...Here, i'll get you one." IF

she had managed to hold onto her items,

I would haf simply continued on, filling

my cart with bogos. It was the carton of

light milk which was her Un=doing. AND,

the delicatessen was crowded...else of which

i would not have noticed her at all. Just

anothre Sunday in slac=land. Puxxle!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The puppy is returned well and truly.

Nothing but dog=food in the cage...

Monday, 22 August, 2005>

My last customer was Amy, the Vet.

Coincidence? Anyway, i gave her

general directions to this Page. Hope

she finds it. As for me, my anniverseral

Project is to keep posting forgotten

fambly fotografs---mainly for the shock

value. Hey~if you can't embarrass your

natural relatives, what's the Point?

- - -theDocentslac- - -


thelovetrain said...

The Train family, is leaner than a closed station walkway. Unless I want to venture to Raiford Prison, where my six year younger brother, may be shredding a state pillow with his teeth, as I write (and, I don't). Maybe in twenty when he's freed, and a year more with distant evidence, that he's safe and desirable company... Otherwise, I'm my 'family'.

I do have many old photos, though, and you're inspirational. I may dig some out, soon.

... I dig yours, dad.

~Brian @---->---

gdireneoe said...

Slac?  Ya gotta tell are working on syndication...right?  Schmooches and all...;)  C.

judithheartsong said...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Slack}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}  judi

slacbacmac said...

Mercies on that Bri>>>The Fambly schtarts within & grows
ever out=ward. I'll pray for your brother & future releases.
Girls>>i would syndicate but who would half me?
{{too many hugs all=to}} smooches regardless ~Author~


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