Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Hurrah & Hurrah...

the weathre nearly fits the

season. [ball=base season,

that is.] Plus+, more water

around these parts we do

not need. Sun=shine!


Yesterday, the werk was

fair to moderate. It's nice

to catch up with the old

codgers...with both good

news & bad. id est, Carl had

a great cruise thru the Panama

Canal [the trip, i believe, the

old man was apposed to take

with his darling daughters]

while Morrie, my nearest

neighbor to the yard, had to

send his wife to the same home

on the same day as i was

lighting a candle for Hane.

She, Shirley, has Alzheimer's.

{yet anothre horrible disease

that starts with the Letter A.}

My buddy Curt also showed up

to swap stories; he's over 80.

Yes, alltogethre not that bad.


Last night i got IMPed by a

twelve=year=old girl...or at

least that's how she described

herself. How embarrassing for

me to have such young fans!

G bless her, i hope she doesn't

make a habit of contacting

old men over the Inter=Web;

it could be troublesome.

'Nuf said^


TO=DAY was even more

interesting. I was forced by

democratic habit to walk past

the cathedral with all its black

bunting...apparently, someone

important died in Rome this

week. [see previous entry]

I don't zactly amember the

bunting for John Paul I,

altho i certainly was around

for that one. Also, we have a

bishop buried just outside the

Baptistry. How many people

can say that as they go to Vote

in a special election?


The machine was not reset.

This was the first time i had to

ask for help at the voting boof.

And only three choices! Good

thing I'm not in the collegium

of Cardinals. Vote Anyway!


The tax=girl is finished with me

for the time being; that's a

good thing. Altho it struck me

funny when the Receptionist

asked me for identification...

[wait 4 it>] The returns i was

collecting were for no less than

two dead people. Would that it

were not so, and me so slow on

the take=up! Such a century to

have so many ghosts in it.

{WE laff until we cry^}


There was a strange man at

the Laundromat. He sat at the

table with me, muttering to

him=self just at the point of

hearability. Fortunately, and

habitually, i had a book to read.

He shoulda had a fone=cell.

I will pray that he soon finds a

real person to talk with...and

that i shall not soon acquire his

endearing, yet disturbing Habit.

What else?


Ordinary/Extraordinary in

Simultaneity! Spring fevre^

And me a slight Wanderer and

observateur of such...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005^

Twas ever thus & just a Thing.

lata ~slac


uscga1995 said...

1)  Talk w/the guy at the laundromat.

2)  I didn't know there WAS a Pope before John P. II.

3)  Great looking g-nephew you've got!

4)  You wouldn't pay taxes on heaven's occupants if you vote Republican.

5)  What are the lyrics to "Purple Rain"?

cneinhorn said...

be careful with those young fans slac...what are their mothers thinking letting them chat online with strangers..even though you are a nice one...what if it was someone who wasn't?  hmmm, the laundromat guy sounds like an interesting charachter...I think many of us talk to ourselves, just not with an audience witnessing...have a nice week slac...  xx

~ www.jerseygirljournal.com  

slacbacmac said...

1: that much drama i need not
2: John Paul I, the SMILING Pope
3: takes after me in fromal=wear
4: i vote, therefor i am...unless the
machine is schtuck.
5: Is this a trick question?
jersey=gf>i am the nice stranger,
2 be sure...and i look after evybody!

floralilia said...

oh my.

is that the cutest picture or what.

no, that *is* the cutest picture.

the weather was sunny - and warm...

the daffodils bloomed just today, no less.


give the guy in the launder matt, a copy of your cd...

and headphones.

cneinhorn said...

I forgot to tell you the other day...thought you would like this little tale....my 4 year old saw a photo  of the Pope from the cover of the  NY Post, and you know, she doesn't really know who he was, or what a pope is... she's just a wee one...but she looked at the photo and says "look Mommy, this is God's helper!"   and I think she's right...you just felt what a spiritual man he was...  


slacbacmac said...

flo>i wandered lonely as a CLOUD...
but, yeh, i should carry mini=cds wherever
i Wander.  cute*smooch
Jerseygal>they are so young 2 see so bright!
WE are the same=self helpers when we do
good...JP2 had the Schpark

deabvt said...

Great Pic, slacster.


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