Friday, April 8, 2005


to parafrase Robert Redford

in that most excellent movie,

Jeremiah Johnson:

"Pardon me, but it's been a

long time since i have had so

much of the Latin language

spoke at me." An Affidavit of

Domicile? What's that?

i situate in it and there=for

ego sum. Difficile dictu!

Medicine and Law, we are

encouched in tongues of

Caesar and Benedictus!

[whose bones are not merely

dry but far beyond dessication]

A lucky accident they borroed

so much from the greeks.


Currently, Rome is the largest

City in the werld. They have

drained off the most populous

other cities on chances of a

singular view of a catafalque.

Once in a life=time. And the

future King of England can

certainly wait one day to

marry his mistress. Lines!


Thursday, April 07, 2005^

Title: Mud and Tar...

Mood: respectful

Music: [shuffling feet]

Thot: "Burn All my personal

documents...Crud! i wish i

had thot of that instruxion."


It sure is the busy week for the'd be interesting

to see exactly who got Invites

2 all three Events. Two funerals

and a Wedding~bury the Pope,

dance with Camilla & Charles,

bury Prince Rainier. Schedule!

And to think i believed i was

running around like the averbial

decapitated chicken...


I have made recent reference to

the fact that, now, truly The

twentieth century is over. And

more than that, the entire Epoch.

So~it really is about Time the

whole human race got its

collectif sheet togethre. Veritas.

One only gets a fresh schtart

every thousand years or so.

WE could "party like it's 999"

or we could just begin treating

the Earth & its astro=nauts a

lot less abysmally than the

historic record shows. Maybe.

{this posit is werth considering}


And what is it like where you

are in the new glowing conflux?

[slightly rhetorical^] Arethere

any real empires or hegemons

left on this bright day? It pondres

me much...respondere ad latinus.

Friday, 08 April, 2005^

- - - slacus de minimus- - - -


cneinhorn said...

so are we to say burn our personal internet journals? no, never mind...the Pope had it right...burn what is not to be shared with the masses...two funerals and a wedding...I much prefer 4 weddings and a funeral myself Slac, with Hugh before his scandal  :-)


slacbacmac said...

Perish the thot Jersey=gf! We can edit as we Glow.
i was thinking more of the actual paper detritus
that clogs up life After the passing of loved ones.
Artifacts! Agreement about the Movie, tho

sunflowerkat321 said...

I can understand why the Pope would want his personal writing disposed of...but I feel it has to be somewhat of a loss.  He takes his secrets with him, I guess.

We'll keep on cheering for the human's our team after all.  Our team...our planet...why doesn't eveyone get it?

deabvt said...

Hane was beautiful!
{Slac looks pretty good too!}

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, V. The whole fambly tends to
easiness on the Eyes; could be Genetic.
OH~and the men always marry the best
looking gals, too. Twas ever Thus>

floralilia said...

ooh, love the chocolate cake slac - and hane the beautiful -

the wedding is soo groovy!


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