Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Monday, April 25, 2005...


Weathre: HAIL, Yeah!

Mood: going=easy

Noise: episode of Charmed

Thot: "Should i delete the blank page

for political reasons, Or because i

just had nearly nothing to Say?"

[see previous entry]


This was the unusual day all=to.

I walked to the bank, and i shoulda

worn a hat, but i had no idea it was

gonna be that cold. I picked up a

Roosevelt dime off the floor as i

carried out my transactions; i tried

to offer it to Brandy the teller but

she refused it. It probly woulda

screwed up her drawers big=time.

Somebody's out 10 cents and i am

only 2 nickels richer. Maybe i shoulda

left it for the cleaning person/lady.


Be careful of driving in light rain.

And watch out for people who suddenly

decide to take a divine left turn as you

get close to werk. About 100 feet

before that road, the white gal in the

white car made up her mind that she

wasn't going all the Way to the next

high=way. The green=ghost was not a

happy camper when i "threw the anchor

out." Peel, screech, slide, schteer to the

non-existent shoulder. I missed her

right arse with my left head=lamp by

about 22 inches. And~you know, my

Chrysler=yacht woulda won that bout!

Good thing grandma Grace's vehicle is

non=violent. Truth! I was not in a rush;

it was the wetness of the road and the

unexpectedness of the decision which

almost led to treachery. Phew!


And, then, i proceeded to steal my pay

at the parish yard. It happens thus on

decidedly dismal days. Too cold, too wet

for true yard=werk...and the collection

company should really pick up all the

recyclable paper which is piling up.

'Cause~i have more than enuf of my

own crud to process thru and thru.

[when will he schtop ending sentences

with a preposition?!] Parenthetical!


Later: at the bar...i was almost picked

up by a girl with a pick-up. She wanted

to give me a ride with her beer as i was

walking out with mine. Problem was,

my vehicle was idling just the same 100

feet from hers, parked, as that lady who

tried to distract me from my current

vocation. WOULD that i had simply

climbed into her Cab & gone on the

adventure of a life=time! OR~perhaps

just a twenty foot ride. You know what

i'm talkin' about. Scant serendipity that

we waved each othre along. Vroom!

[don't ride with strangers unless they

also offer candy~what comedian said

that?^] More=over~i didn't have a line

to hand that girl...we just happened to

be in the same place at the same Time.


Now~~imagine if each of these things

had gone differently. Accident upon

Accident leading inexorably to various

probable yet unrealised Conclusions.

Rain, Sun, Hail & a dropped ten=cent

piece not included. It proddles & boggles

me as i go along, and i am the requisite

participant. Comment freely^, it won't

change the temperature of my

remaining ham=soop.


- - - - - - - - - slac- - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, April 26, 2005^^

i was interrupted by 2 IMPs & a fonecall.


floralilia said...

whew...I am relieved the Green ghost and it's chauffeur made the mad moves without incidence...well...without bumping smashing crushing incidence...even if the green ghost would have won that battle.

accidents are so accidental and bring on such big headaches - in more ways than one.

wait! what's this! - someone moving in on my main boyfriend!  hussy! boyfriend stealer! oy.

well.... I can't blame her.  sigh.

cneinhorn said...

doesn't sound like you needed a line for that girl....she liked you lineless shall we say....accident-less and line-less seemed like everything happened for a reason and worked out too  :-)

slacbacmac said...

*smooches & sighs*
My accidents/near accidents are Happy ones...
Perhaps becos i am so well Loved.
Twas ever Thus

deabvt said...

. Scant serendipity that

we waved each othre along. Vroom!



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