Friday, April 1, 2005


Friday, April 01, 2005...

Light! There is Yet more Light!

And i am but a reflectif Cloud of

such confluences. Ask Any=body.


Today, a fool on fools' Errands.

Amorro, a collector of brambles.



Apparently, Hane is very soon going

to see Karol Wojtyla again. And

my Patriarch & his brothers, my

Jewish second mother, Aunts Belle

and Barbara, Aunt Jo & Grandma

Jo...A multitude of Friends, Heroes

& Relatives~many gone too soon.

BUT, it's gonna be a Great Party up

there if Hane & Saint Francis are

in charge of refreshments! OH!

And Uncle Jake who has the gift of

gab from Ghobi to Glenargen.

Would that those whispres would

accrue toward my mortal milieu!

And per=fect our halt Epoch.

Scant Visitors & weak flesh, how

i do envy them in the mansions of

the Lord. They are completed.


More=over, there are no tears in

Heaven & there's "no crying in

baseball." It was a madonna

movie. But this is Basket=Ball

season, regardless^


Schtill~it was a bright & booful

day to wear my Nephew's leathre

jacket and to comport the Green

Ghost on her appointed Rounds.

{...and tomorrow may Rain, so,

i'll follow the Sun... the BEATLES}


Meanwhile [and for no good reason

that i can discern] there will be a

special Election on Tuesday.

{the current crop of politicians has

recently Advanced one schtep abof

their true vocation...see Parkinson's

Law^} But, Yes~by all means Vote!

As much & as many people came

out for the last general Election, i

heartily endorse them to come out

again for democracy in action. It's

the least we can do on this current

turn=of=the=dial. Taxerific! Vote!




ondinemonet said...

Hi :)

Just dropping by to say "hello" and let you know I still come by for time with you.

All my best

Carly :)

floralilia said...

imagine Miss Hane & Karol...oh the things they will discuss..

there's no crying in baseball!  great movie -

am off to work this rainy week=end....praying for the pope..and sunshine...

adieu -

cneinhorn said...

Hane will be in good company with Karol I think  :-)


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