Sunday, April 17, 2005


Sunday, April 17, 2005...

How could so many people have

been doing yard=werk on the first

day of fishing? Astounding.

At the end of my Saturday shift,

ya couldna git anothre stick on.


Kay & Harry picked me up at the

yard and we travelled to a

national steak=house for dinner.

Cat & the kids joined us there.

I had the breaded shrimp with

minestrone for a start. And half

of Harry's key lime pie for afters.

Later--we watched Kay's video

travelog of the Tuscany vacance.

It was somewhat interesting.


Today, we got a late start and

walked to a local diner for one

o'clock lunch. I had the fettucine

alfredo con pollo. And iced tea.

Later, the three of us drove out

to see Cat at one of her model

homes...and Hane at her final

apartment. The stone is not laid

in yet. That is, the ground has

been somewhat saturated of

late---perhaps the rock will be

fitted onto her plot by Maisie's

birthday. Still it was a beautiful

day to visit the cemetery. The

earth was brown and crumbly.

Harry is an excellent chauffeur.


Alas~as always, the visit by the

Europeans was too short. Yet

amazingly, in just two days,

they got the grand tour...from

the local dives to the catholic

bone=yard, from Cat's model

house to the recently refurbished

Slack=Shack. Mirabile dictu!


Soak the beans & sew the jeans,

i have more mountains of werk

to accomplish on such gorgeous

days. But i am surrounded by aides

and confidantes, moreso now than

i could recently remember. To say

nothing of my good customers.

>Super=secret: If you wanna meet

a lot of lovely ladies, become a

fiduciary. Sure, most of them will be

married and all; but they are easy

on the eyes and usually have

beautiful penmanship! Zoit!


Save Arrested Development...

it's a great show & a humourous

pale reflection of my own fambly.

Nearly. Thereyago^


[fotoes~Happy Nearly Anniversary

2 Matt and Anne...what a Party!]




viviansullinwank said...

{{{{{ Slac }}}}}  it's been way too long since we visited each other. I was delighted to get your comment today...and I'm delighted to be here again  :)


floralilia said...


slacbacmac said...

Mutual delights, sans baited/beaded Hooks>>

sunflowerkat321 said...

Fishing or yard work??  Hmmmm.

Sounds like a day best spent on a long walk in the woods.

I'm happy you enjoyed the visit with your family.  Hugs to all....


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