Monday, March 3, 2008


o7 March, 2006...  Thot: «i am remiss of much & ought to be scolded frequently»

There's a Happy Happy Joy Joy coming for one of Hane's favoured ones~the piercable peacable Rocky.  Poppa turtle is coming for it. [o8]  ^partly reposited/partly new^

o2 March, 2oo8...MAISY & BABALOO are tending to the capsizer acause he had a procedure on one of his eyes.  {ocular docs wisely treat one peeper at a time, skillfully} Depth! Vision!

My chicken=soop is all=the=gone.  BILL BUCKLEY will be missed by me.  i had a whole Xtra dé in the month yet did not Glow the more! And it's not like i wasn't line=on...Not only are there advertisements on top of this Page but also under my e=mail?!  {it is the goal of Commerce to sell all manner of Things to them that can least afford them} Beastly...

o3rd March, oo8...Sunny! Breexy!Fifty=Eight degrees (58°f) and all the dogs are out Walking their owners.  My clox won't be pusht forward for a week yet, but my watch is already there. Amorro? Polytryx...~slac~


louf48 said...

R U rich now?

slacbacmac said...

RU 486?  ~Author~

louf48 said...

that much?  Wow!


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