Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There was a girl in that race?^spurious reposit^ [6.6.5]

March 11th, is a well-known Trick and subterfuge in Schports to offer your leading Opponent, at the half, the option of forfeiting their obvious Win in favour of a guaranteed second place Trophy. Most coaches & teams don't go for it. There=after~the game is a very entertaining blood=bath...And the Leader wins, albeit covered redly.

«Inevitability is not as sure as it seems»

The bird report: Yesterdé, i saw a woodpecker. This morning i saw a cardinal and a small bird i couldn't identify. It didn't look like a sparrow or a finch.  Two days ago, i spotted two or three blue jays. Schpring is coming! i hesitate to mention all the grackles & starlings/seagulls, mourning doves and pigeons...they are ubiquitous. *chirp*

MADONDA inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?! What a topsy-turvy werld! Get=me=not wrong; i've loved her infectious Dance/Pop ever since othre people started writing it. Maybe the selection criteria aren't stringent enuf.  Never mind--i'll smooch her when i see her. ~slac~


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