Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy Saint Patrick's Dé! Erin go bragh and what=not. i am behind my brisket yet again.  Mayhaps, i'll have it for RESURRECTION instead!  My dear sainted Matriarch would forgive me of that; i made the cabbeej more than enuf while she was kicking. G & J preserve us...

i must catch up on birfdés & anniversaries: One of my girl=cousins just had a lovely boy on March 7th. HAPPY HAPPY first week, ANDY!  His^ first cousine ROCKY added a year to her folder last Saterdé, the 8th. Turtle took her to the big city where she met chef MORIMOTO.  On the eighteenth of March, CAPSIZER and his Bride will celebrate their Marriage in CORPUS.[Noah! Emma! be good~Mom is ragged and Daddy has tired eyes] The day after that, 19 of March, CAPSIZER's long=haired brother has his birthiversary. To think of the long hours on the circle me and MAISY put in Growing out that flat=footed fella...Never mind~WYATT & his new dafter as well as his gorgeous wife are pushing him along to Perfection. JOY JOY!

Schpeaking of German relatifs--ROCKY's Mom has her own Spexial birfdé on the Twentieth, right after the swallows retourn to Capistrano. Plus+, this year, it's the vernal equinox! CAT doesn't always arrife like a breath of Schpring, but she is more welcoming pretty than a tulip.{Ponderous~Why do so many Deutschers join this Scotch=Irish fambly? WE must crave the discipline und ordre} ~Palm-Waving slac~



sunflowerkat321 said...

So much to celebrate in Mack World.

Happy, Happy!


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, babe & happy High holy=days to You & yours!
Did you have a brisket?  it falls within & between two wonderful
Faiths...a Mitzvah.   chekyasoon~Author~


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