Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thursday, March Sixth, And8... i find myself in agreement with HOWARD DEAN.  «Michigan! Florida! NO do-overs!»  Meanwhile, in DC, the current lame=duck President took the time to endorse JOHN McCAIN. {it wasn't difficult...the Arizona Senator was the one and only Winner}  Now~can i please get my Obvious Degree?

Locally, hereabouts, the drought is over.  The cricks have Crested.  [i have trouble pronouncing creek; North of here, in my other home=town, it is crick like trick.  Down hyar inda Walley--we tend to Prefer creek like *creak*.  Don't get me schtarted on crayfish.]  The ground is fungible...

It is more than considerable that a Young Senator will win in the general; JFK did it in Nineteen hundred & sixty.  After which he constantly carried with him a schlip of paper denoting the Numbre of Mid=West precincts RMN coulda called into Question.  Shows=to=go ya: None of them are abof the Occasional cheating... ~dubioslac~

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