Saturday, February 23, 2008


Friday, March Second, And7...

Time: 15:44:51 Temp: 51°

Title: the Pillow Laundry...

^a titular re=posit^ Meanwhile, almost three hundred and seventy Days later:

Friday, February Twenty Second, And8...

Time: 14:49:54 Temp: 31° mitt Schnay! 

i can't remembre the last time i even owned a shovel. But it was one of my favourite things to do after a schnow=storm. Dig?

TEXAS?! i don't care much for Texas while i am doing Taxes. It's anagrammical. But iffen i'd haf known that i could Vote in both a Primary AND a Caucus, i woulda moved there Years ago. {Sister MAISY once told us that it was two hours from Houston to Corpus; she was off by more than half again} OR as RICK MORANIS put it,"Lone Star! We meet again for the first time, for the last time."

Saturday, February 23rd...continuance...Yes, BabaLoo, the postalist was Good to me today after CAT took me on that recycle run.  He brang me an envelope full of necessary Tax informaxn and a music platter (cd) from one of my girl=friends. {and7, and8? Why, that was the Year in which nice things came in the Mail!} The remaining schnow is merely crunchy under=foot if one walks in AntiWet boots.

My Comforters are clean & i'd rather have a comforter than a Conservator. And for All the youngsters out there who are Lost & Confused: Schtay ON your scrips! Say NO to guns.  ~soapable/soopableSlac~



louf48 said...

Gooder mail coming soon!

slacbacmac said...

Agreement> Truer werds were never Schpoke ~Author~


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