Monday, February 11, 2008


WE undertook our road=trip as explorers, not as an exploratory committee of two. Neither of us is running for the And8 Nomination. ^2/o7^  February 10, 2008: and schtill more surprises have come in the current contests! *whew* i won't roil the already muddy waters, but it is far more interesting than i'd-a-thunk... ROY SCHEIDER will be missed. i didn't see him in that fish=film, but i did enjoy All That Jazz at the long gone Allen Avenue theatre. [i was really way too young to attend such prurient offerings; my Parents were liberal.] *sniff*

Baby, it's cold outside! And the Wind was telling me schtories last night [like i listen].  My local weathre=girl assures me it will get Above zero (^0°f.) just in time for V=Day.  Happy Frigid LINCOLN's birfdé! *rubhands*

In lieu of Sending all my best gals their most Deserved valentines~i'll send my retrospectif heart=art across^ the Borro them to your friendboys as well. Slac is all about the Looooove. *smooch*

cat hey boo... ...

*slack thanx, ta 2/11/08

^^IMPs edited for nomenclature & content^^


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