Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Glower forgets to send Valentines; Doesn't get any Either Apologiæ 

National & Local Airports on high alert for all incoming top=laps 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008...Intragalactic News: polaris Aliens transmit Reply to LENNON song~TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.

The video Report: was that really SHIRLEY JONES i saw on an episode of 1L2L? Yes, for sure & begorrah!  i have been surviving the Schtrike by up=catching on HOUSE reiterations...but they put me in a Quandary: am i to Love OLIVIA WILDE acause she is new & bright OR am i to continue pining for JENNIFER MORRISON in schpite of her new haer=colour? It troubles my dremes. [LISA EDELSTEIN is my default crush, thank goodness]  Who said,"A comic says funny things; a comedian says things funny."? JON STEWART has weathered the storm quite well & humourously, but it shall be grand when the scriveners retourn.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2oo8...MISCELLANY: the CrackBerries went down the othre dé for a few hours; don't worry, they sent you an e=mail. Crud!  You probly didn't get it on account of your CrackBerry was down. *Logic*  i peeled off the protectif layer of my recent mayonnaise and it stated: "convenient shatterproof jar|makes a great salad" i'll haf to try that...altho, once i did break a glass jar of MAYO & it was a fleegle mess there=after to make shards into salad. *it's a Joke*  i glanced at the side of a local Ambulance that said,"Coast to Coast Service". Apart from the fact that PENNSY is more or less land=locked, i Pondered the import of the message thusly: Who, exactly, needs and can afford a medical transport from one coast to anothre? That^ would truly be an emergency! Good Advertising, tho.  Finally~the weathre forecast my girl gave yesterday included the text of 'Sleet and Freeing Rain'. It has been too long for me not to go out in such Promising Precipxn!  it freed me much to do so; i'm easy to please. In binding anti=wet boots. HSVD  ~slushableSlac~


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