Monday, February 18, 2008


Happy Presidents' dé! 02/18/08...wii Bush is in the African bush handing out foreign aid; it's a good thing. His dad, Poppy, is getting set to endorse JOHN McCAIN. Nancy Reagan is on the mend, G bless her. {we=all miss Dutch}  Billy Blaine is honour=bound to Vote for his bride when the Convention comes; 'twould be embarrassing to go before anothre grand jury claiming,"I did not Vote for that woman." *opinion* Xtra opinion: i'm so glad the Democrats have superdelicates. Changelings...

Neighbourhood Report: certain changes have happened while i've been Living North of the old home=stead. The NY Ice kiosk closed & the mini-mall farmacy moved into a stand=alone schtore; the Cadillac dealership moved AND a thrift store on 12th Avenue is shuttered with fibre-board. i don't take full credit for these various transitions; i am a small and humble personage. Ask any=body.

Amorro, i shall trim my goatee and start simmering bones for Chicken=Soop!  chekmeThen~slac~

babaLoo hi What's up?

~slak> typical sundé

babaLoo ok


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