Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Observaxn: There was a foot=ball game & somebody won.  [the PATRIOTS went nearly undefeated and not a scoche too pregnant.] Which would you prefer to have? Giant patriots OR Patriotic giants? No matter--it's rhetorical.

Me? i'd rather have doughnuts than delusions of grandeur. And the promise of good things coming thru the postal service. Which usually do.

Tuesday, February Fith, and8...there are people all over the Nation voting ahead of the wearing of sackcloth and ashes for the Chinese New Year. it's a mixt metaphor.  Yet, they may have to give up something Politicle for Lent.  {i'm folloing it as closely as i followed the Big Game} We shall see what we shall see. And then some, by April.

The Hollywood writers' schtrike approaches the End by degrees...Content! On Saterday, i caught a glimpse of my COUSIN in that Spielberg epic based loosely on the H. G. WELLS book. {the book was way too early for me to read}It's a very schtrange & funny thing to see one's relatifs in the film werld...immortalised in Brevity. *Action!*  «Change is the only Certainty...and even she is Mutable.» ~slac~


gdireneoe said...

Hehehe...love your rhetoric...too funny. ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

aww, shux--it's just a thing> thanx for hanging with the slac  ~author~


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