Saturday, January 5, 2008


Saturday, January Fifth, andEight...

i sense a conspiracy in the Writers' Strike.  They^ would like nothing bettre than for all of us to pay more Attenxn to the News and to Reality shows than they Pretend OR they^ may want us to buy ever more davids of the shows they have already Produced. It's a werking theory in progress...

exempli gratiæ: Why exactly did all the night late hosts grow beards? Mister Letterman resembles SIGMUND FREUD and his protegé looks like CONAN the beardarian. JAY could use a little fuzz on his gigantic chin, but has not yet joined in. it's a puzzlement.

Acause it is Nearly an election year, viewers have been forced to actually follo the Process.  IOWA has ne'er lookt so good as when there are no distracting sitcoms. It doesn't favour the larger States, but it seems to reinforce the notion that News is necessary. Hmmm

Here's the essential Question~do you really desire as much REALITY as they^ are offering?  WE could watch the down=melts of the young girls from Didney & Viacom & wallow in the corporate crud that passes for Entertainment OR we can tell them that enuf is too much already. 'Cos it's only gonna get werse.

[i have begun watching the CARDASSIANS Aschpite my dislike for their foibles]

Too many channels, nary enuf Truth^ 4what-it's-werth~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

And, how real is that reality anyway?


slacbacmac said...

Agreement, flowre=sun>  Reality is harsh enuf without having to tune
it in...But it is a new Year & we'l fix it.  ~author~


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