Thursday, April 13, 2006


April 11, 2006...Thomas Jefferson once opined,

and i para=frase,"It's a poorly intellectual Man who

reads a Newspapre everyday." Agreement!

So it was when i had finisht my Cleanliness and

the Engineer called after me,"It's the papre...they

want to send you two (2) extra Days at the same

Price you already purchase." Never mind that my

wonderful brother hardly wanted to answer the

land=line of the Hovel in the first place! I told him

to refuse the offre right=out---Saturday & Sunday

are too much already for this Executif. Plus+, We

are presently moving too fast for journalists to

catch Our traces. Anothre papre we don't require.

Altho~most of what they Publisht yesterday, i am

probly 4square against^ or better off not knowing.

CAT werks in a chinese puxxle of a rat=maze which

i visited after Lunch with Patutca & ourselves. I was

more than glad to meet & re=meet all of these

bright people; but i wish only i had worn one Pair of

some of my new shoes. It impresses the occasional

feminine persons to arrife on=site with Leathre

schteel-tips instead of those worn out suede Hikers

which i chose 4 adornment on this off=day...Well,

at least my hair was Warshed & my tunic Buttoned.

A good shave would probly endear me to my very

own Customers on the morro; that could Happen.

{i travel fast & fervently with Companions and come

to nearly Nothing; it's my VITALISM.} *BOOTS*

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Wednesday, April 12, 2006...anothre busy day in the

Parish Yard. After such a mild winter, i'm not surprised

that my regulars have beaucoups de yard waste. They

are all wishing me a happy schpring and wondering

if i'll be Open on Sepulchre Saterday. [i will.] OH! And

i enjoy signing up the Newbies & filling them in on the

finer Points of parish recycling. It's nice to be nice...

Antiquarians! Auctioneers! Rubbishers! He jumps on

his horse [or bus] and rides wildly off in all direxions!

With kindnesses 2 small animals & children yet.



gdireneoe said...

Most DEF on the paper decision.  I only buy the Sunday edition.  Scary to think it's all already antiquated by the time it reaches us in this day and age.  Ride on Easy Rider! ;)  C.

deabvt said...

slac, I used to read 2 papers daily. for many years. Since the day Bush was elected, I haven`t bought one issue of either. course I have

floralilia said...

all reliable info I get from the posture of the cows in the pasture, which way the lichten is growing on the tree, the stars and the moon, the children, a good cup of coffee, a quick meditation, and an occasional flyer stuck in the door.

nothing is the same, since Calvin and Hobbes left....

slacbacmac said...

Thanx, Babe> i needed that.
MY Calvin boox are in a box,
but Opus shows up every Sun=Day!


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