Sunday, April 9, 2006


Pre=Posit, Avril, Two Thousand Six:

Saturday, January 01, 2005

/previously un=publisht material:/

6:14:10 PM...DIASPORA

0330: Colonel wakes up & so do i

0400: Bimmy takes Colonel to aerport

Nineish~wake up, bagle,

apple, juice {pay three bills} shower...

1130: Green=ghost out 4 gasoline

NOON: Hospital~[Doctor] checks

on MOM with nurse John, RM & Maizy

WE all watch the Rose Parade^

Bim comes...Cat & Rocky come to visit;

MOM is very animated for Rocky.

Cat & Roc go travelling.

1300: MOM gets rolled over

1415: Lou takes me, Bim, Maizy & RM

out to lunch at diner. I have the Veal Parmi.

1500: back to Hospital

1515: Maizy & Lou travel home=wise, teary.

1630: Colonel calls RM from Left Coast

{RM gets a passel of fone=cell calls}

1800: Green=ghost ATM $20, Home.

- - - end Re=Posit^^- - -

April 06, 2006...the Green=Ghost may

be gone but her Schpirit has transferred

into the Engineer's black beauty. ZOOM.

Between the transfer=station & the

uffizo de Posti, Bim handed me his fone

cell & a complicated WIRE and said,"Here!

See if you can figger this out!" It took me

all of Twenty (20) seconds to plug his

explicable Device into the available Current

for re=charging. {i do not Own a fone=cell,

but i do know how these fleegle Monsters

werk} Then, we tried on Shoes...

It is Much the Same with me and Dogs.


Title: the schlippery purse...

Feeling: damp from the Onion schnow

Media: mostly out=side sources...

Encouraged by: daffodils

Annoyed by: small moths

Sunday, April 9th, 2006...It was entirely

too dismal a day yester=day to werk out

of doors; yet i made the best effort in my

new sneakers. [which are NOT anti=wet]

Later, Bim & Cat ferried me to the hovel

AND liberated my way=ward wallet from the

bus dispatcher. {This^ was not Obliquely

intended; it was a sight=over. I would ne'er

consciously lose Maizy's present of And5}

Recovered of that, WE walkt 2 the RITZ for

afters & decaf; it is the least of dessert i

can offer to those who ne'er desert me!

To=Day, i missed exactly two (2) lettres in

the Puxxle, called after & Visited three (3)

available PROPERTIES, mowed the 'grass',

schwept the EMPTY garage And vacuumed

the SOLEMN second floor. As well as othre

shark=like mannerisms. Epochally Thus!

Biblical Obsveratum: afore J entered the

Holy City on a burro, He broke the departing

seder sun=down by proclaiming: "JERUSALEM!

How long i have wisht to gather You to me as

a mother-bird protects her Nestlings!" It was

His own city to speak of...with or without Palm

fronds and lingering Hosannas. Mirabile






gdireneoe said...

Hehe..."fleegle-monster/onion schnow"...too funny.  Sneakers are NEVER anti moisture ANYTHING...silly rabbit. ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Shiner> And this^ is how i Post when i am too busy
to actually Say any=thing! Twas=Ever=Thus...  ~Author~


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