Saturday, April 1, 2006


Thursday, March 30, 2006...

The Engineer askt me,"When is the

Sabbath?" I told him that it is widely

believed 2 be EITHER Friday [Islam],

Saturday [Judaism], OR Sun=Day

[Xianity]. But i have no personal

knowledge of when deities rise or rest.

{i prefer to think that MY G is a constant

G...attending each Day as was perfectly

Created. It's a fair theory 2 Believe.}

Today being Thursday, though, i often

find myself getting CHERCHED=UP. It's

the day when i bible=study with my good

friend, JACQUES. No harm has come from

it thusfar & it also did not Impede the

Engineer's Progress with me. In fact, We

went to the cherch that Mack helped

build shortly there=after. It was the


Millie was happy to take the old man's

Box of werks related 2 Mary Baker. We

spoke well of all good things & Millie did

ask me if i'd kept one (1) copy of S&H...

I told her naturally that i did. What else

would i do with so many perfect boox?!

[recently, MAIZY posited that i might be

"unreligious"; i askt her simply,"Could i

do any of This Werk without Faith?"]

Thus^ endeth the Lesson on Thersday.

(CSM reporter Jill Carrol freed...)

Saturday, April First, 2006...Couldn't

get anothre schtick on @ the Parish Yard.

In spite of the Wind & a brief showre, we

over=filled all five (5) bins. Not a single

truk bumper was bruised. {i traffic the

good} Bushes are Blooming evywhere!

Is there schtill the round=ball going on?

I keep missing the games on account of

dispossesion. Anyway~GO Gators.

Don't forget 2 'schpring for=ward' for

Saving day=light; that Hour isn't really

lost if You only curtail the bad schleep.



gdireneoe said... your schpeaking doll. ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, tintinabulator! This VOICE is my own & it rings
in the remaining desert...MY othre gals will also chime in!

deabvt said...

Tonight, NCAA finals! `course the East will sleep through the last 10 minutes; starts at 9.15!


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