Wednesday, April 5, 2006


«i am guilty of a great numbre

of sins, but putting ketchup into

a refrigerator isn't one of them»

~slac 2 Maizy, recently~

April 04, 2006...

Apparently, the gators did win

that tournament. The Engineer

took it as a sign WE should all move

to RM's beach=cottage. But he is

renowned 4 saying unusual things

out=the=loud. Such a helper!

Taxes?! i am nearly done with them

for this trial---yet it won't schtop me

from unelecting certain Pennsy

pay=jackers in the middle of May.

[they receive Pension bennies from

that fiasco even after Rescinding.]

Register/Vote/Ask your legislateurs

what they do with your money!

{i rant responsibly^} More=over,

i travel fast & well thru such Enduring

graceful Actions that i can't catch my

adipose with both hands 4 the lack

of trying... Comment freely: it is an

entirely Open Format. ~slac~

1 comment:

deabvt said...

slac, I`m with you on the PA pay raise; I just hope they get Fumo!


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